Learning How To Take a Compliment…

Smile and Take The Compliment

Why hello you beautiful pandas you! Today I am going to discuss compliments because dear lord, it’s looking like we’ve forgotten how to accept one graciously without throwing back something negative about us. I don’t know where we went wrong all these years, but women are finding it harder and harder to take a compliment. Well, enough is enough.

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Sometimes All It Takes Is A Great Candle…

After working all week it’s great to look forward to a little pamper time. Unfortunately some pamper session will be shorter lived then others. That’s why you need to choose things that will make the time you do have feel like a spa weekend away. And sometimes all it takes is an amazing candle.

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The New Vaginal Frontier…

Vignal Steaming, V-Steaming

Hang on to your hoo-ha’s ladies. Today we’re going to talk about va-jay-jay steaming. Yup, the steaming up of your actual lady bits. I’m pretty sure I’m super late to this party, but in all honesty I needed to get all the facts before signing up to get my vag steam cleaned. It felt all so car wash-like if you ask me. And quite frankly I wasn’t too keen on burning off my bits without knowing everything there was to know about it.

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When You Develope A Bit Of An Obsession…


Howdy pandas!

I was just looking at my shelves, trying to rearrange some things. You know to make it look a bit tidier and I kinda just stood there. I couldn’t move. All I did was stand there and stare at one shelf in particular. I never noticed it before but now that it was sprawled out on one shelf, I realised I had an obsession.

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Let’s Show Ourselves Some Love… The 30 Day Affirmation Challenge

30 day affirmation staying positive

Hello to all my beautiful pandas out there!

I recently stumbled across another 30 day challenge that I of course had to share with you. This time around however, it’s to do with giving yourself love and positivity. Don’t roll your eyes. I promise, it will be good for you!

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Sunday Evening Pampering Routine…Things That I swear by.

Pampering hair, oils, rosemary

Boy Sunday has come quite quick this time around. It always leaves me torn in two. On the one hand,  it bums me out because I have to return to the working world tomorrow morning. But on the other, I get a little excited because Sunday has become my evening to unwind. I suppose I used to get too bummed out about returning to work on Mondays so I figured I needed something to get me all relaxed for the week ahead. And that’s when I decided to do a pamper evening every Sunday. It turns out, I get a real kick out of it.

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