How Classical Music has Helped With My Anxiety and Life in General



I was never one to fist bump the air with elation every time I was subjected to classical music. In fact I would throw myself a pity party every time my parents would force it upon me. I can remember the uncomfortable car rides when we were living in New York. It was classical music 24/7. I would plead for them to play the country music station but alas, my calls would go unanswered. Yes, you read that right… I was obsessed with country music. I had a cassette tape of  The Judds which I used to play over and over again. My dad would get flustered and eventually snap at me because of my overuse. If it wasn’t classical or Greek music, he didn’t want to know.

When I was old enough to keep concentration for a while my parents enrolled me into a piano class. And when it was time to pick up music at school, the flute became my companion. In between these lessons they would take me to see the New York Philharmonic orchestra, and violin quartets and pianists and let’s not forget the hours worth of opera, ballet and musicals. Throughout my earlier years I saw piano and my classically trained background (I even took music theory and completed grade 5) as simply another shrug of ‘things that looked good on your college application’.

I guess I was so against it when I was younger because it was forced upon me without me having a say-so in the matter. But as I grew up I started to appreciate the fact that I was shown all these different kinds of artistic expressions. And before long I would use my time with the piano as a tool to alleviate stress. I could sit down for hours and play Mozart’s Sonata No.16 in C major over and over again. Because it soothed me. And  of course the most important reason, my brain would cease to spew out chaotic thoughts of the miseries I endured as a teenager. But then my piano playing became few and far between after I went to University. Once I moved to London I only got to play every time I visited my parents back home in Cyprus. Then they moved to another town and my piano went into hibernation. I haven’t played the piano in about 6 years now and throughout this time I have seen myself go through mental, physical and emotional issues without having an outlet to pacify these burdens. I started to get panic attacks, my anxiety was going through the roof. I ended up having a kidney infection and had to stay 2 days in the hospital. Antibiotics were my friend at that time because my kidney issues weren’t getting resolved.Money was (and is) always a struggle. I was exceptionally unhappy with my jobs. The men that I let into my life would seem to be unattainable and left me feeling insecure, vulnerable and unwanted. One, for example, said that they wouldn’t date me because of my weight. A sentence such as that sticks with you. It embeds deep within your psyche, attaching itself to even the most minute particles, where disposing of it seems remote. And I had quite a few of those sentences floating around in my noggin. Then I got IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for which I’m still suffering 10 months later. The latter had deprived me of my simple unfulfilled life completely and my stress levels became fried. Almost as if the neurons short circuited after the amount of anxiety-volts coursed through me. I became depressed. I tried to reach out to people in my own way and they didn’t understand and in turn showed little support. I tried meditation, breathing techniques, therapy, and yoga. My music of Etta James, Little Willie John, Missy Elliot and FKA Twiggs (to name a few) wasn’t cutting it anymore in the relaxation department. And I’d like to add that the sheer thought of travel became unbearable. Which almost made me feel like I was starting to become agoraphobic, seeing as I couldn’t take the underground trains without experiencing panic attacks every single time I would descend the stairs to hell. I literally felt like I was imploding within myself. And then, amongst all this battered chaos, I thought of my piano…

I knew there was no way I could afford to buy one here in London, so I was stuck. Stuck in a place of knowing the cure that could tame the virus yet not having any syringe to dispense it. And then one day I thought, why not listen to my favourite Mozart piano piece and see how I go from there. I put my headphones in, turned the volume up and looked to hope that peace would come. Once the first notes daintily trickled out, I felt as if a gigantic orb of light engulfed me. My muscles relaxed and my brain ceased to churn out thoughts. For those 3 minutes a wave of tranquility washed over me and I knew that I had finally found my saving grace. Next I chose to play Chopin’s Nocturne No. 2 in E flat and that was when my stress melted away. I was smiling in a crammed sardine can without a care in the world. People didn’t bother me. My thoughts weren’t on my IBS. I just floated… on a cloud of calm.

Have you ever noticed, when you’re scurrying around trying to somehow not be associated with the metaphorical ant analogy, people’s faces and sound effects? Every day I would hear the huffing and puffing of wolves trying to blow down a path through the glazed commuter’s programmed route. And every day it would chip away at me. The facial expressions of hatred, annoyance and exasperation filled my view and I couldn’t shake it. Having to deal with that and all my other issues was a nightmare. Because their negativity would rub off on me. Until that is, that  one fateful day Classical music intervened.

I now listen to it everywhere I go, if you can believe that! From the girl whose threshold level for classical music was exceptionally low, this was a major achievement. It has also made me think that I am an old blob but hey, if it works then I will happily embrace becoming an old blob if it means I get to keep my sanity.

Classical music has somehow become my knight in shining armour. It has not only accompanied me on my journeys to and from work but has even caressed my ears while at work. Instead of watching countless hours of TV or waste my brain cells surfing the web, I put on a classical playlist and read a book or write in my journal. 

Before, I used to have a panic attack stepping out of my front door in fear that I would inevitably shit my pants in public due to this whole IBS thing. Because my mind was constantly thinking about all the horrid scenarios that could befall me. Before, my concentration was that of someone who was suffering from ADHD. That’s not a joke by the way. It’s how I was acting. While at work, I would flutter around from task to task, which in turn took longer than it actually should have. Because my brain would be in overdrive. While at home, simple chores became impossible to finish. While grocery shopping, I would hop around missing the essentials. But somehow all this has changed. Before, my brain would be on the go all the time; constantly inventing scenarios, conversation, over-analysing and over thinking. But now I listen to Chopin and Mozart and know that all will be ok. That I can calm myself without having to resort to medication or therapy. That I can concentrate without compromising my time. That I can live a life that’s less stressful. All I can say is….. It feels good! It feels really good.

❤ ❤ ❤



P.S.- I wanted to share this with all the pandas out there who feel like their anxiety, panic attacks and stress are getting the better of them. You are NOT alone. All I can say is to explore every possibility out there. Meditation might not have worked for me, but it might work for you. Or maybe you will find that walking more often might help. Or painting, or using one of those popular colouring books that are out there nowadays. Whatever it may be just do it often to de-stress. Because nothing is more important than the stability of your well-being! If you are unwell then you won’t be able to take care of anything else. So whatever it is, just do it!

❤ Love, Happiness and Laughter always ❤


Why Mom Was Right About Not Writing Things Down…

My mom wasn’t the most open about many a things when I was growing up. Most things were learnt from friends and my grandma (maternal side who I called Baba). Baba would teach me invaluable things like ‘Washing dishes makes your hands and nails beautiful’ and ‘Don’t sit with your legs up and spread apart while wearing a skirt so everyone can see your underwear’. Of course I can’t forget the one about ‘I must learn to cook because how else will I become a good housewife’. Afterall the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach right? Well, I later found out that washing dishes by hand ruins your nails, and if I wore shorts under my skirt I avoided people seeing my underwear, and I learnt to cook for myself and not because I was going to get married. Anyway, besides all that, being an only child didn’t help my situation either. So growing up wasn’t an easy task to conquer. With my mom’s limited hands-on, in depth talks and my friends telling me wrong things I was a hopeless case. However with that being said my momma did instill one tidbit of information that has stuck with me throughout my  life…And that is to never write anything down that you don’t want others to see. Because if it happened to fall into the wrong hands, it would ruin you.

At the time my momma instilled these words of wisdom to me, I was in the 7th grade and still living in New York. One day I came home from school and my Ma was waiting for me in the living room. I always knew when she was in crouching tiger mode ready to pounce into a lecture with how she said my full name…. “Alexandra….” Which was also said in a stern tone. Oh lord, here we go. “What Ma?!” I was an annoying, impatient kid to her. Now that I’m older I do appreciate the patience she must have had. “I found this note in your room” (she went snooping). “Maaaaaa, why are you going through my STUFF!!!!” Her face showed that she wasn’t having my attitude that day. “I wasn’t snooping, I found it on the floor.” She unfolded the wrinkled note. “I’m going to tell you something Alexandra and do with it what you may. What if this note fell into the wrong hands?” I just looked at her. Inside my brain was working out the damage that it would have actually caused had it really fallen into the wrong hands. And the outcome? Was not a favourable one. “Alexandra, what if your friend kept this and decided after to share it with people?” She starred into my face to see if she was getting through. “What I’m trying to say is, never write anything down that could compromise you as a person. You never want people to not respect you  or to take your words and use them against you.” This made sense to me. I mean it really made sense. But all I said was “Gaaaaaaaaawwwdddd, maaaaaaaaaa, FINE!” And I stormed out the room.

Ever since that day, I never wrote anything that could put me in jeopardy. Nowadays I internally become so thankful that I did not follow those unfortunate folks who had not gotten this piece of advice. The one’s who’s naked photos fall into the hands of jealous ex’s. The one’s that decide to become amateur porn stars and then their significant other leaks the video. The one’s that write mean text messages about others only to have the receiver take a screen shot and post it around. I’m glad I’m not in this group. And I might have been, had my momma never actually said anything.

Now, I’m not trying to preach or act like I’ve never done anything that could compromise me as a person, because I have!  I’ll have you know that I have done a couple of sex videos and taken photos in my underwear. But my boyfriends at the time, were never allowed to keep the videos. I was the only one who had access to them. And as a double precaution, they were kept in password protected files on my computer, or locked away in a drawer. The photos that I would send were never of my face or things that could identify me, like my tattoos for example. They were snippets of skin,lace, straps. I would also never send a full body image of myself. When it came to notes or texts, I wouldn’t write anything important in them. In actuality, the only time to be vigilant about writing everything down is when it comes to business.  That’s when you make sure you get agreements down on paper. A good old hand shaking while verbally agreeing to something does not make for a good idea.

Anyway, the reason I decided to actually listen to my momma was because I found out that people can be mean, vindictive and down right nasty, even in the 7th grade and even despite how nice you were to them. So if they don’t have anything on you, you’re smooth sailing from here on out.

Despite my Ma not being the best at communicating when it came to boys, sex, girl things (like periods) and other vital pieces of information, she was at least forthcoming on one thing. So kudos to you momma for sharing that with me. I have appreciated it every since!


The 40 Odd Things That I’m Thankful For….


Pandas, since today’s Thanksgiving I figured it would only be fitting to say what I’m thankful for instead of just eating all day long. So here it goes…

  1. The Internet – This should not need an explanation.
  2. Online Shopping – Because not all of us want to try on clothes in a confined space with harsh lighting and an amusement park wonky mirror. They totally emphasise things that you never knew even existed. And once you’ve noticed it, you will cry, not want to carry on living and break the mirror. Which will result in an arrest for damaged property and a court mandated class in public etiquette.
  3. Scholl’s Party Feet – These have saved the day more than once.
  4. Amazon Prime – Umm…. all you can watch programmes and free next day delivery, that’s why!
  5. Toilet Paper – I don’t even want to imagine life without it.
  6. Fluffy socks and an even fluffier Duvet – For those nights you stay in and cuddle under the covers while watching your favourite show.
  7. Anything Free
  8. Open Bar – Let’s be honest the only way I’m getting drunk in this expensive town is if there’s an open bar.
  9. Money that you find in unexpected places
  10. Puppy videos
  11. Living on my own
  12. That my Mom and Dad aren’t on Facebook
  13. When you find out someone’s really funny and can make you laugh
  14. My noise cancelling headphones – because those screaming kids will not power down.
  15. When all the traffic lights work in my favour.
  16. Pandas – they make my soul beam with joy.
  17. coconut oil – best thing ever!
  18. Pyjamas
  19. That feeling you get when great food hits you the right way.
  20. Being weird and geeky.
  21. Nail polish
  22. When I take a photo and there’s no need to edit it. (Rarely happens nowadays but I’m thankful that it does occur on occasions.)
  23. Speaking of editing- Editing apps. Those bad boys are whassup!
  24. Journals- because not even I can say the truth all the time. So you need to write your dilemmas down or you might go crazy.
  25. For the block button on all social media apps
  26. When no one else is in a public toilet… Absolute heaven!
  27. When you get offered the last piece of food.
  28. Bobby pins- because one time I fixed a pair of sandals on a night out with two Bobby pins. I’m being dead serious! MacGyver style!
  29. Makeup- this one should have been higher on my list.
  30. Great hair days
  31. Old couples holding hands
  32. Old couples in general
  33. Exercise DVD’s- because we all know working out in a gym would be my worst nightmare. Reason being it makes me feel like I’m not thin enough to work out there. So to keep my sanity I work out at home or go for a run.
  34. Adidas shell-tops
  35. Pasta
  36. Stretchy Jeans
  37. Stretchy material in general
  38. Netflix
  39. Feta Cheese
  40. And here’s one conventional one- I’m most thankful for my parents. They have supported me through thick and thin. Even when they might not have understood my choices, they were there. All I can say is, I’m so thankful that I have them in my life.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ ❤ ❤

Adding To My Journal Obsession….

Katie Leamon

Hi Pandas! So remember when I said I had a pretty serious obsession about buying random journals? No? Well here’s the post about it. If you just skimmed through it, then you know that my obsession is getting a tad out of control. So I guess it won’t come as too much of a surprise when I tell you that I bought more Journals. Right?

I know, I know, you’re shaking your heads. I would be too. It’s a senseless impulse by. I always try and avoid the art shops and book stores but something came over me the other day. And gasp, I walked into my local art shop and started perusing the journal section. Don’t worry I didn’t buy… a lot. It was like three, okay! Three! I bought THREE new journals! Oh, can someone please just hit me over the head already! Because the really sad thing is, when people will eventually ask me in the near future,’ how are you homeless right now?’ I will have to reply by saying… “I kind of have an addiction… to buying journals.” I mean it’s ridiculous.

Anyway on to what I bought. The first one I saw was by Katie Leamon. I thought the covers were so lovely that I had to buy two.

Aren’t they pretty? She does a whole lot more than journals/notebooks. Take a look at her website. Boy, am I glad I stumbled into that art store the other day. This Katie lady knows how to woo the ladies with some stationery. She has the most amazing things.

Isn’t it just fantastic! You are welcome! Oh and if you want to keep up-to-date with what she’s doing, you can check  her Instagram and Facebook too.

Now going back to my journal shopping…

So as I was about to pay I spotted another journal and in all honesty, it was calling my name! No really. It was saying help, I need a home. How could I ignore such a plea? Such a helpless little ol’ thing that needed a place to call a home. I couldn’t just walk out. No!

Without further ado, my final journal that I bought that day…

Panda Journal


It was a panda guys! A geeky panda! It’s like the store new me! Obviously I don’t have to make any other case other than that.

Peace, Love and Journals Galore!


15 of the Worst Pet Peeves on This Planet…

anger frustration pet peevesHello Pandas!

Today I want to discuss pet peeves. Don’t you dare say, you don’t have any. What are you perfect and you love everything about everyone? No, I’m afraid that’s impossible. No one is perfect and furthermore no one loves everything about everyone. People get on each other’s nerves. That’s life. I will however, give you the joy of knowing that you might be close to perfection. But nonetheless, no matter how close you might be, chances are, you do something that annoys the living hell out of somebody else. There’s no avoiding it. So let’s just face the universal fact that not everyone is going to like every single thing that you do.  Sorry pandas, but the sooner you let go and accept this, the sooner you will be able to tolerate it more.

So here it goes, the 15 worst offenders… profanity will be in abundance; for obvious reasons. So forgive me from now.

  • People who don’t say excuse me
    Who in the hell do these people think they are? You know when you are walking and someone collides into you; No excuse me. How about when someone cuts you in line; No excuse me. When you are about to go on the tube (subway) and they jump in front of you; no excuse me. Say EXCUSE ME!
  • People who only text
    This one is a major pet peeve of mine. It annoys the living shit out of me. Quite frankly I hate texting all the time. Did you know that in a 1 minute conversation you could know all the important facts about whatever it is you were discussing with your friend. Instead, I have to endure the curse of waiting, getting antsy, impatient and eventually bordering on becoming a skitzo. I’ll even give you an example… Whatsapp. Everyone and their mom’s are on this thing. We have somewhat reverted back to snail mail with this one. I now have to wait and have 5 day long conversations through text messages. Not to mention, you can see when people have read your message. Why did they invent this? You see everyone’s every fucking move. But do they reply knowing that you can see when they’ve read your message? Nope. Not one fucking peep! And the worst offence has to be when they go into whatsapp and avoid opening your conversation. You’ve all done it at some point in your lives so don’t start looking sheepish now. You hear the sound and you see the name and you’re like, ummmm…. I think I will just reply to them at another time. Well that person now knows you are on whatsapp, waiting for you to read the message and you are completely ignoring them! They know! They know all too well what you are doing! So why don’t you go shit in your hand or something.
  • Couples who sit on the same side of the table when no one is opposite them
    No, this is not acceptable. Don’t you want to see your partner, face to face? This goes for friends too. If no one is sitting opposite then sit yo ass down! I do not want to crane my neck to the side to look at you speak. You will be interrupting my food guzzling. And if my food intake gets interrupted then this woman (ME, yeah me!) turns into the hulk. You will get scared. You will cry and you will see my particular set of skills to shutting you the fuck down. That’s right, I will turn into Liam Neeson from Taken if I have to.
  • People who chew gum or food like a cow
    This grates on my Zen-like calmness. If I want to see Bessy the Cow in real life I will go to the rural plains of fucking South Dakota to see one. Why there you ask? Well because it’s the state with more cattle than human beings. True fact. Actually, I might move there. I think I would prefer talking to a cow.
  • People who don’t hold their cutlery properly
    This one really really bothers me. I don’t even know where it comes from. All I know is that I have had this ever since I was a little kid.  None of my friends know this by the way and if some of them hold their utensils in an unsatisfactory manner I don’t say anything. What do you take me for, a tyrant? I don’t want to hurt their feelings so I don’t say anything. Instead, I just slowly die inside. Therefore there should be none of this….

Get it together!

  • People who use their phone’s speakers in a public space
    Chances are the music that you are listening to is shit. So don’t subject us to a slow and painful death. Be respectful of others or I will start blasting the sound of whale’s giving birth in your face to annoy you.
  • People who have their music too loud through their headphones
    This is equally just as bad as the previous one. When I am on my commute into work I do not want to listen to hardcore death metal renditions on topics such as”Suicidal Cat” and screams of “Vampires howling to a frog” (that’s the titles I imagine they would listen to. Stereotypical? Yes. Do I care? No.). It’s 8:30 in the morning, I am already wired and contemplating how I can get a mysterious illness so I could get off work for the next week just to recharge my calmness. These people need to be herded into work together.
  • People who constantly interrupt you when you try to speak
    You know what I do now? I just keep on talking. I talk so loud that they eventually shut up. I talk over what they are saying. It’s actually quite a fun game. You should try it! Why can’t people wait their turn? Noooooo! You are not the ruler of the universe, therefore shut your face if I started the conversation first. You will have your fucking turn! Woooossaaaahhhh! (people at my work do this to me all the time)
  • People who play on their phone while you are trying to have a conversation with them
    Don’t even get me started on this one. No manners…I bow my head in shame with how the world is turning out.
  • Parents who let their kids throw a tantrum on a bus or train
    Do you guys understand that we have nowhere to go? We are trapped with you and your kids. Do you know how much their screeching gets amplified in a moving tin can? NO. THIS. IS. NOT. ACCEPTABLE. Collect your kids, go to the nearest exist and get off. Calm them and then get back on. Simple as! Jesus!
  • Automated telephone services
    Yes ‘blah blah’ company, how did you know that I wanted to talk to a robot for 2 hours on a Saturday morning! For all the technology that we have, how come they haven’t invented a better listening device. Instead I am sitting at my table, trying to get my affairs in order while having a stroke.
  • People who act out a scene from a movie or give out too many quotes from said movie
    Just Stop it. No one knows what you are referring to and if we do then one fucking reference is enough.
  • People who cough on or near you when they are sick
    Yes I truly wanted your stench of Eau de germs de puke de snot.
  •  People who send you a text that is harsh and borderline mean yet end it with an LOL or smiley face to imply that it was a “joke”
    No  it wasn’t a joke. If you have a problem with me then just say it. Leave out the lol’s, smiley faces and the xxx’s. Be a grown up, put on your big boy panties and tell it to me straight. Leave the ‘shade’ under a tree where it belongs.

And lastly…

  • When people turn everything you say into something relating to them and one up-ing you. Friends are not there to compete and be boastful with one another.
    No you cannot be the centre of attention. You must let someone tell their story. For example if I talk about toast, don’t then turn around to tell a story about how you had this amazing toast on an African safari. Or the time I bought sneakers which I was really happy about (because I’m broke) and you turn around to tell me how happy you are about your limited addition sneakers which you got 5 pairs of. I’m happy for you. But don’t be boastful. It’s not a pretty look.

And there you have it, my 15 pet peeves.

What are some of your pet peeves?

It’s a Very Sad Day For Bubble Wrap….Prepare to Shed Some Tears

Bubble Wrap is not going to pop anymore

Pandas!! I just can’t! I have some horrible news. The bubble wrap that you have grown to love for all these years is about to get a makeover. Maybe some of you are thinking that I’ve lost it over bubble wrap. Quite possibly. Or you might be asking, why in the hell is she getting so bent up out of shape over this news?! WELL, this “new” bubble wrap (soon to be labelled iBubble) will cease to pop. That’s right! No more popping of the bubbles pandas. Oh the lunacy. I can’t bear the thought! A life without the sound of popping.

Before all of you judgy wudgies out there tear me a new one, I’ll have you know that bubble wrap is therapeutic. It’s amazing actually and it’s where I’ve spent many an hour popping away to a heart that was truly content. With every pop it somehow symbolised each problem that I had in life. I know a whole lot of problems! But it helped me get rid of some pent up anger. And with every pop the problems slowly disintegrated right before my very ears. It’s  damn near cathartic! And I don’t understand why Sealed Air Corp (the company that started our popping dreams in the 50’s) has the right to take away the simplest of pleasures in life. It’s like they are taking away my childhood past-time! Come on! What in the hell are we going to do now?

There will be no wrapping up your dogs…

bubble wrap
there will be no wrapping up of human beings…

bubble wrap man

You won’t be able to amuse children for hours.

bubble wrap for kids

How many of you had your parents throw you some bubble wrap and you went to town popping those bad boys. I mean the concentration that kids have while popping every single last one is insane! Parents, I plead to you all, you will be losing a very valuable aid.

I mean Christ, you won’t even be able to bubble wrap your horse if you wanted to…


And most importantly we won’t be able to wrap up Shaq any more… booo! 😦


And can I just say… what kind of name is iBubble anyway?! Is it the iPhone of bubble wraps? I mean does it come with its own GPS tracking system? Does it self-inflate? Does it have apps? I mean give me a break with all this “i” crap. Enough already!

This whole non-popping existence has thrown me for a loop. I’m officially pooh-poohing the no popping. And I certainly will not support this dull drabby diabolical demise of a pop-less world. I won’t even entertain the idea! How dare they. How bloody dare they ( said in a super slow swanky British accent)!

Okay rant over….


When Superstition Gets The Better Of You…



Pandas! You see this above photo right here? This photo represents my demise as a sane human being. This stupid sign has ruled over me ever since I moved to Muswell Hill. Look at it, standing all high and mighty like a dictator, suppressing my very being with his square demeanour. He’s taunting me as we speak. Actually, he’s practically giving me the middle finger. Every morning me and this dick, square each other down (see what I did there!) for an epic western battle of Clint Eastwood sized proportions. And every evening our battle for middle earth continues without skipping a beat. Quite frankly me and this douche need to sort it out quick because as far as I’m concerned it’s only a matter of time before I really start to lose my marbles. Yeah, contrary to what you might believe as you’re reading this, I am not cuckoo’s nest crazy yet. But I mean the sands of the hour glass are dwindling down to a finite little mound. So I need to sort my shit out fucking ASAP!

Superstitions are a funny thing aren’t they? They consist of many different beliefs all concluding with one single notion; if you do a said superstition then you will have bad luck or never get married or whatever the rule is, from now until the end of time. We learned these superstitions when we were a kid. And kids can get quite melodramatic. They always have the tendency of blowing things way out of proportion, making it sound grander, or scarier than what it actually is. When I was younger I heard all sorts of superstitions. Don’t walk under ladders, don’t let a black cat cross your path, if you find a four leaf clover you will have good luck and of course, let us not forget about the stepping on the cracks for if you do you will break your mother’s back. I mean the superstition list is a lengthy one, filled with ancient phrases that have been past down from generation to generation. For me, certain ones made no sense. Like the stepping on cracks one. How could stepping on a tiny little crack, break my mother’s back? Absurd I tell ya, simply absurd!  I was convinced that nothing would happen to my Ma and because I was so sure, I was ready to put my momma’s life in jeopardy just to prove I was right. Thank god I was right because that conversation would have been a tad awkward. ‘Uh, Ma, yeah… So about your back…’.

Despite my defiance with certain superstitions, others have unfortunately stuck around to torment me. And this brings me to that stupid sign in the photo above. I have a thing for not being able to walk under street signs. And if I come face to face with one I have to cross my fingers as I walk under it. Because as we all know, crossing one’s fingers cancels out any bad joo joo’s that would have befallen me had I not crossed them to walk under the sign. Ok maybe now you can paint me as a little cuckoo. Not certifiable, but I’m damn sure on my way! Ah, I can’t help but to chuckle a little. Well, it’s either that or crying.

So now I bring you to my dilemma. Ever since I moved here I take a certain way to walk to the bus stop. I must go this way every day. But on this route I come across my evil nemesis, the sign of Dick. Sure, I could cross the street to avoid him, but I don’t. Because at the end of the day this is my routine. Yes, I know, I think I have a slight OCD problem as well. Don’t even say it. I already know how ridiculous this sounds. And as I confront him my fingers are already crossed so I can then proceed to have a safe passage. I do this every morning without fail.

Logically I know that nothing bad will happen to me. I also know I will not get struck with bad joo joo’s. I know all these things and yet I can’t seem to break the habit. I mean for the love of unicorns and rainbows, this nonsense needs to stop. If I’m like this now, what the hell am I going to be like at 70 years old? Somehow I unfortunately see myself riding the wave straight into a padded sterile room, rocking myself to the sound of my own crazy beat. Oh the joys of having something to look forward to.

Do you guys have any funny superstitions? And if so, what are they and what do you do to ward off the bad joo joo’s?


P.S.- The back of this sign is creepier than the front! So help me, I will conquer this douchebag! You will rue the day that you decided to commence your battle formation with me. You shall fail… fingers crossed.