Singles Awareness Day

It would appear that today is Singles Awareness Day. As if we needed a dedicated day to be singled out even more than we already do. **Spoiler** We were very ‘aware’ of our singledom yesterday. And why might I add, is this ‘awareness’ the day after Valentine’s day? It seems like a commiseration prize that all the happy sappy couples cooked up and served with an air of smugness. We get the leftovers, the day after everyone declares their love to their significant lovers. Is that it? For the life of me, I don’t understand it. I know I’m single! I don’t need a day to remind me and others like me that in society’s eyes, we’re a bunch of lonely bastards for which pity must be bestowed upon us.

Twitter today has gone mental from brands jumping on the bandwagon, poking fun with phrases such as, ‘Don’t be a third wheel’, ‘Even singles need love’, ‘At least you don’t have to share your biscuits’ harty harrrr haaaarrrr. Furthermore, if this day was supposed to be a true celebration of being single then shouldn’t we rename the tagline? Because awareness is not cutting it in my books. It’s almost as if one day someone haphazardly said, “Oh…I guess… yeah… I suppose singles need love too. But let’s name it an awareness like it’s a disease that one should know the signs of in order to avoid catching it.” Fuck you guy! How about that. In all actuality it should be known as the highest form of achievement day. This should also acknowledge, and include, our well versed ability in combat scenarios when jealousy befalls the crazies of a duo. Military precision on evasive action when faced with ‘oh how funny what a coincidence’ ambush set-ups. Deflection tactics when it comes to questions, and our subtle yet steadfast ability to look like we’re enjoying a day surrounded by couples doing couple things. This acknowledgement should be given as an award and bestowed to us as herald trumpets play in the background by Angels while God booms down with admiration. All the while a shrine of light beams upon us because he knows, that we know without doubt, chosen wisely. I’d like to point out that I don’t see stories of God’s wife anywhere. I was forced to go to Sunday school for years and there was no mention of God having a wife or a significant other. There’s only been speculation on the subject in recent years for which I’m sure a couple played a part in creating. Yeah I’m taking this biblical! Now, if the single path was acceptable to the creator of the universe, then surely we too should be revered in awe. Additionally, I’m not even completely sure how society has decided everything should come in pairs. A conundrum indeed!

Since we’re clearing the air…I’ll have you know I’m exceptionally happy with being single. I like not sharing my bed and not having to talk to someone as soon as I step my foot in the door after a long day of work. The sheer enjoyment I get by having the remote all to myself and being able to do my own thing without having to ‘check-in’ is paramount to me having an orgasm. That’s how good I feel people!

All this pitying that’s going on, no matter how playful it is, should be steered to all the couples out there. Who in their right mind wants to compromise in love, sex, arguments, and so on. Every time I hear stories of my couple-friends discussing their woes makes me want to hurl. They have become a shell of their former selves, who have added ‘we’ in everything. The constant emotional roller-coaster of jealousy, rage, anger, hatred, longing, analyzing, frustration, that theses pairs go through is enough to make anyone come down with a sudden spell of vertigo.

Therefore, I will be ignoring this day on the grounds that being single is awesome. And if we are pointing out truths, me thinks those frou-frou couples are jelly; as well they should be.

And so, I’ll leave you with this inspiring thought…


❤ ❤ ❤


The Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Well, my how the time flies. It would seem another Valentine’s Day has crept around the corner to grace us with its presence. Despite me being single yet again on this joyous  occasion, I’ve decided to do a post on more meaningful things you could do as opposed to your run-of-the-mill restaurant affair.

I was thinking that if this is the day to celebrate love, then surely it should be the day that one should go above and beyond their normal date night. I’m not talking about shelling out big bucks on materialistic affection. No, I’m talking about taking time out of your busy schedule to create a magical night. I think couples, especially the one’s who’ve been together for a while, look at Valentine’s day as another date night. Dinner and a little present that you probably picked up at the last minute. I mean, if we have to celebrate this holiday then shouldn’t we go all out to show our affection towards the people that we love? And I’d like to point out, it’s the thought that counts. If it were me and I came home to a fort made with comfy pillows, fairy lights, dinner and a movie care box that would be a really sweet gesture. I would feel like my partner has really taken the time out to think of something intimate, cosy, and from the heart. But maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, I better get on with it or I will start down the road of why we should be celebrating Love 365 days a year instead of just the one.

Have an Indoor Picnic for Two or Create a Cosy Fort…

Even though this is a simple gesture, it’s still a meaningful gesture nonetheless. It shows that you took the time to make the evening special.

Make it a Special Movie Night Affair…

Grab a couple of movies that you will both enjoy (doesn’t need to be rom-coms btw), get some snacks and a cute card that you’ve made yourself with maybe a little letter to show why you love them and you’re good to go.

Make Breakfast Special…

Creating heart-shaped, lovey dovey breakfast treats for the one you love will go down really well. Surprise them even further by bringing it to them in bed.

Open When… Little gifts/letters to open at certain times

You can create a whole heap of little letters or presents for your significant other. Some could be open when:

  • You’re feeling sad
  • You’re missing me
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re made at me

And so on.

52 Reasons Why I Love You…

OK so maybe 52 reasons may be a lot for some of you. But who knows, you just might surprise yourself. Not only will this be an exercise for you to really look at why you love the other person, but again it will be a great gift to receive because you’ve made it from scratch.

Great Food/Drink/Dessert Ideas

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

Create a Care Package of Love…

You can fill these bad boys up with anything you like. Sweets, flowers, letters, pressies, or whatever else you can think of! Showing your partner that you made this care box yourself will go down a treat.

Create a Unique Card…

Insert a little poem that you’ve found (or write one yourself), or write a sentimental letter of when you knew the first time you fell in love with them was, or maybe even a little inside joke that only you two share. Just do something more than writing Dear… and Love always…

Create Love Vouchers/Coupons

On top of your other treats, give these out so they can redeem them throughout the year. This will not only aid to your date nights but also spice up your relationship a little.

DIY Boxes and Decorations

You can put paper hearts on the floor for them to follow to their real surprise. Or create DIY boxes to hold your presents in or simply decorate your place with different make-shift trinkets of love.

Have a Painting Session for Two…


This could be a great way to spend some quality time with someone. Turn off your phones, sip some wine, eat some dessert and laugh at your horrible masterpieces.

Or you could recreate the scene from ‘Ghost’


Okay maybe you can skip the latter and just watch the movie instead.

Create a Happy Jar…


Another cute sentimental gift that you can create to make your partner happy throughout the year.

Create Your Very Own Scratch Cards…

This is just the cutest idea! You can’t not do it now!

Leave a Huge Post-It Collage Somewhere…


You could write what you love about them, or little love quotes or whatever tickles your fancy.

❤ ❤ ❤

All in all, whatever you decide to do, just make it a heartfelt gesture. We have gotten so caught up with quickly buying generic cards and presents that somewhere along the line we forgot to celebrate the person that we’re with. We’ve forgotten to really take a moment and spend good quality time with our significant others. So go all out and be creative. Don’t be lazy bastards and settle for quick fixes. And just remember… if you’re going to do a big shebang on the day, turn off your phones for even a couple of hours and really connect with the person that you love.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day pandas!

*If you want details on all the photos used please check my Pinterest board here…

The Best Ideas, Treats & DIY’s For Valentine’s Day


Well can you believe it! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you may still be scrambling to find some things to do for your significant other. So… here are some cheap, cheery and fun ideas!
Enjoy! And don’t forget to click on the images so you can see all the how-to’s.



Morning Canoodles – Crandberry Blood Orange Lemonade & Red Velvet Pancakes

Is this too much red for a morning breakfast? Who cares! DELICIOUS! This combination is sure to get you some extra lovin’ from your special someone!
The lemonade is from:
The Kitchen McCabe
And the red velvet pancakes are from:

Main Squeeze


Smoky Beetroot Hummus



Beetroot Risotto

Quite possible you are looking at these two side dishes and questioning whether or not this will be appetising. Here’s the thing guys. Just be daring and try something different. You never know, you might just love it.

Sugary Sweetness

Valentine’s Molten Chocolate Cake

One word… YUM!

Love and Lemons

Chocolate Cherry Blossom Cookies

The colour is perfect for a lovey dovey day…
Sally’s Baking Addiction

Magical Macarons

First image is from and the second is from Annie’s Eat’s. Both look absolutely scrumptious. If I could bake for a living I would and name myself the queen of deserts. Fat is already starting to form around my tummy just thinking about it.

Or why not do treats in a present form!!

Like this cutie patootie treat box from


DIY’s & Pressies Galore


Well that’s something different to do with flowers.

Printable Awesomeness

9525f8a11fa90223c6ec67ccbb26b684 has got a pretty cute site which I like to peruse from time to time.


This is by far the cutest cards I have seen. I love the artistic watercolour feel they have. So go print them
out at

How about a DIY Soy candle
For a girlie girl

Check out the full instructions over at

Naughty or Nice?

This is a cute idea for your lovaahh.

P.S.- is to die for, fabulous!

Best DIY Game Ever! JENGA!

Brit + Co have just given the best idea ever to spice up your evening!


For all you singles out there
This is what I’m getting up to on Valentine’s Day…
Party for 1 please!

I am going to attempt all of these. Reason being:
-It is going fill up my Saturday and make it go by QUICK! Which is exactly what I want.
-I wanna get drunk in a girlie style and pamper myself. Because I LOVE ME! BAM!

Check the how-tos out here:

1. Lauren Conrad
2. Oh – So Pretty
3. Fleur De Force
4. South by North


Theme of The Week: Love – In All Its Forms, As Well As Some Nonconformities


I’ve decided to dedicate this week to Love. Awwww, how cute is that? No, wait a minute, I think I might barf. Anyway, no matter what my feelings are on the matter, I wanted to talk about love in all its glory. As well as all its ugliness. The real reason however, is because Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey are both on Saturday. So I thought, why not do a week dedicated to a subject that has perplexed, annoyed, exhilarated, annihilated, embodied, punched, saddened and evoked me? After all, it is the one and only subject that I have been so obsessed with for all of my life. So I might as well stop being so stank face about it. It’s about time I embrace it. Or at least openly admit that I have a few issues. It’s the men I tell ya. They have driven me so crazy that my eye starts twitching and my hands ball up into a fist….But I will be the first one to admit, that it’s about time to let go of this grudge.

Love in all it’s forms:

So here I go. An adventure to re-explore love. To become acquainted with feelings again after suppressing them for such a long time. I want to talk about the humorous and the awkward. And I want to talk about the dirty and the unfathomable.

So let’s begin…