Sunday Is The Worst Day of The Week…



Do you have any idea how hard Sunday is for me?! It’s harsh. Cold. Miserable. Down right awful! I have no doubt that you guys can relate to this one.

The weekend is never long enough. I actually wish that we had 4 day weeks, instead of the dreaded 5. I am certain that everyone would be a lot more happier. Don’t get me wrong; I cherish my Sunday’s. It’s where I can catch up on reading, blogging, and generally be super lazy. And boy do I love me a lazy day! On those days I don’t even get out of my pj’s. It’s bliss I tell ya. Pure bliss! But Sunday evening is an unnecessary cruel torturous bastard. One where I do not wish to participate in any more. The hours seem to go by quick. I feel rushed for some reason. Like I’m looking at a sand timer of doom. Each grain slips through and it’s closer to Monday. My feelings for Sunday have worsened throughout the months. I think that’s partly because I am becoming even more unsatisfied with my job. So it makes Sunday evenings really hard. I will go so far as to say that I hate Sundays even more than Monday mornings. That says a lot doesn’t it.

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