A Most Curious Wedding Fair…

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This weekend I went to the, A Most Curious Wedding Fair and if I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I mean, it’s not my thing. Ok…. I gots no mans, no chance of even touching no mans and probably no chance of future touching of no mans. So I was a little hostile to the idea of seeing women pining over frilly frou-frou’s and cute talk. However with that being said, when I was about 5 minutes in, I already started singing a different tune; wishing I could find me a fella to wed real quick were the lyrics by the way. I was even tempted to pretend that I was getting married, but realised that would cause a lot of internal monologues and angst in a woe is me kind of way so I opted to say I’m a blogger! I mean DUH right?!

This wedding fair was all about unique, different, alternative, quirky, cute and as far away from traditional as they could possibly go. There were some things that really couldn’t change much, like cakes for example but they were still lovely to look at.

Each stall brought something different and honestly if I were getting married then this would have been the place! I was even able to get glitter lips, glitter stars on the side of my face and a cute temporary tattoo. I mean a day well spent is an understatement.

Anyway I won’t go blabbing on and on about it, I’ll let you see for yourself…



Weekday Photo Journal: Murals and Wallpaper Galore

murals and wallpaper

This is how I know I’m a grown up (on certain occasions) when I start getting excited about interior design, architecture, home decor and baking. Now I know what you’re thinking… How can walls get me all hot and bothered. Well, simply put, these are no ordinary walls. These are statements of fantasy and whimsical mastery. Imagine coming home from the harsh bustling city that’s chewed you up and spit you out to find an oasis of wonder, where dreams can be cultivated. I like the thought of that. I like the idea of coming home to your own little sanctuary. A place where you feel like you’ve harnessed the Zen power of the ancient world.  Anyway, I think these murals and wallpaper inspirations do just that.

You might think some are way over the top but that’s why I’ve chosen them. To give inspiration to those who are in need of a change; whether it be big or small. So without further ado, may I present the wonderful world of walls…

❤ ❤ ❤

PS- You can find all the details for each image on my Pinterest board here.


Weekend Photo Journal: Everything Velvet

everything velvet

Let’s talk VELVET!!! It’s delicious isn’t it? It reminds me of decadence, regalness and opulence. It’s a sensual material that elevates any setting; whether it be your attire or home decor. It’s that of kings and queens and when done right brings out even the elegance in simplicity. I really do love velvet, as I’m sure you can already tell!

When I was little I had this emerald green velvet dress with black bows on either side of my short sleeves that I paired with black patent-leather mary janes. It was my church dress (Sunday best attire) and special occasions dress. Every time I wore it felt like a little princess emerged from a sleeping cocoon.  I would pretend that I was waiting for my royal family to come and get me. Sorry mom and dad for my elaborate imagination. I love you nonetheless. To be quite honest, it would seem that I loved Sleeping Beauty a little too much.

Anyway, velvet made me feel just a little more special. The softness would sooth me and the deep expansiveness of colour reeled me in to be a lover of velvet for life. Luckily for me, Velvet has finally made a comeback. Therefore, you will see velvet everywhere this fall/winter. I’m literally jumping for joy right now!

So without further ado….. may I present my favourite weekend photo journal to date…. VELVET!!!

❤ ❤ ❤








Weekend Photo Journal: Marbleous



Ok pandas, it’s that time again! This week I decided to start stepping away from summer. Sad as it is, it’s almost the end of August! Ahhh…how I’ll miss it so. Anyway this weekend’s photo journal is everything on MARBLE! I’m not going to lie I’m slightly obsessed. Well, with that and copper, which will be next weekend’s photo journal.

So…. without further ado, may I present everything marble!


For all the details of each photo, see my Pinterest Board: Marvellous marble.

Weekend Photo Journal: Fantabulous Flamingos


Since it’s summer and I’m not back home in Cyprus (booo!) I decided that this weekend’s photo journal will be dedicated to the bird that visits my country… FLAMINGOS! I mean, why not! They’re funny, funky and majestic all in one go. And let’s face it, having flamingos around with their coral-y pink hues really does make for happier times.

So without further ado, my montage of everything that has to do with flamingos…


If you want to know the details/credits of these photos, I’ve created a pinterest board, so click through to Flamingo Fabulousness now.

Weekend Photo Journal: Lusting Over The Balmain for H&M Collection

Balmain and H&M Collection

Pandas, all I’ve been seeing over and over again is the beautiful Balmain for H&M collection. Suffice it to say, it’s been officially imprinted on my brain until it comes out on the 5th of November.

Normally, my weekend photo journal posts have been about colours, eras, and places. They have been generalised because, I tend to lust over many things. What can I say, I’m a woman of many loves. But I decided to make a tiny exception this time round. Reason being, I will finally be able to afford an earring from Balmain and not a tiny bead off one of Olivier Rousteing creations.

Let’s be honest, most of us common folk will never be able to buy a belt from a Balmain Paris collection, let alone a head-to-toe outfit. So when they announced this pairing, it was like listening to a silky smooth verse being laid down to a beautifully hard-hitting hypnotic beat. I think it’s safe to say, it’s put most of us into a trance that won’t be broken until the 5th of November. I for one, will be on my computer clicking away trying to fight the urge not to murder my computer as I stare at the inevitable crashed  H&M site because everyone and their cousin’s friends will be on it at the same time! Here’s hoping I get one bracelet or something. I still can’t afford the lavishly detailed-driven beaded jacket that has an intoxicating grip on my soul. It’s said to be £299.99 (roughly $459.40) which is something that I wouldn’t be able to throw money on. Even though I do have a credit card and I could just make one purchase. One tiny, itty-bitty purchase. But, I know me, and if I purchased it, my guilt of buying an extravagant garment would hinder any pleasure I would receive from wearing it. Winning the lottery in the next week would certainly help my situation tremendously. But seeing as I have yet to be lucky in the money department, I won’t be holding my breath.

Either way, there’s something so captivating about each piece. And sometimes, women get distracted by detailed beauty. There’s no harm in that. Granted it should not be the end all or be all. Because as I’ve said, time and time again; There’s so much more to life than materialistic things. However… there’s certainly no harm in lusting and admiring over such creations.

Keep a lookout on the streets if you’re in one of the H&M stores. If I can’t get online then I will definitely be the sad wide-eyed lady frosting up the glass while drooling as I peer inside looking at all the things that I can’t have.

So without further ado, here is the upcoming collection…

❤ ❤ ❤

** All photos are courtesy of Racked.com and The Telegraph (the latter has what each garment and accessory will cost)


Weekend Photo Journal: Ain’t Nothing Like The 1950’s

Elizabeth Taylor

Pandas I often feel very strongly about the fact that I was born in the wrong era. Well, I’m torn to tell you the truth. From the one hand I really do love technology but from the other, I think I could give that up tomorrow if they invented a time machine so I could transport myself back to the 1950’s.

The women knew how to dress didn’t they? It was an era of glamour and class. Sure, it had it’s societal flaws but I still think it was a time where men were still gentlemen and women were decadent ladies. Have you seen what we look like nowadays? I look at myself in the mirror every day and sigh with disdain at how unladylike I truly am. It’s appalling to say the least. I get up and strap on some odd mismatched underwear. Then opt for jeans with the inner thigh being that of almost transparency because of being worn too many times and my hair is usually up in a ratty old mess of a blob, that’s blobbing around with too many stray hairs. The modern world has broken me down slightly into thinking that it’s okay to present myself like this. Because, if everyone around you isn’t really making much of an effort than it’s totally acceptable that you join in the merry mess of it all.  I fit in. Plus I live in a big city where I have become invisible.

All I can say is, that my grandma would be cursing in her grave if she saw me now. She would say, “Is this the girl I raised?! No sir it’s not!” You see, she was one of the glamorous ladies back in the day. She would always have a new frock, pearls and a fur coat. Her hair would be put into curlers from the night before and her skin and nails were always flawless. She would remain like this even with 3 kids and a huge extended family who she cooked and cleaned for. Not to mention tending to all the chores of a rural farm life in Ohio. Did I also mention that she could sew like it was no one’s business? Yeah… She could whip out an outfit and make it seem like it was a classic Dior or Givenchy. And what traits of her’s did I happen to inherit? Absolutely none of them. I regret that now. Even though I say I don’t regret anything in life. I will open up and lay it out there and confess that I do regret that. That, and me not writing her recipes down before she past away. That is a major regret of mine.

Anyway, enough of me yapping about my regrets. This post is to celebrate the simplicity of the 1950’s. Where women were deliciously curvaceous and flawlessly put together. Where love seemed more attainable. Where a kiss was held in a long passionate embrace between two souls who saw the universe in each other’s eyes. Where the day seemed to go by a little slower in order to enjoy each and every second. Where children would play out in the street instead of playing video games indoors. Where people actually connected in a real way instead of hiding behind the veil of the internet. To me it seemed like the place of more possibilities. I guess because the boom of the modern world was just starting it’s steam engine back then. Every photo that I laid my eyes upon told a wonderful story. A story of laughter, hope, mystery, intrigue, real unedited, un-photoshoped life. I truly don’t know what kind of story we could know by today’s selfie nation. A nation who is obsessed with shredding pounds and having millions of admirers yet not really knowing any of them. Have we become narcissistic? Does our life only have meaning with the amount of likes we get? Who knows. But one thing I can’t get out of my head is how the modern age has hindered us slightly. I suppose I just wanted to take the time out to celebrate an era that had a lot more promise for the future than we do now.

Before I sign off, can I just take the time out to address this last Marilyn Monroe image. Here was a women, despite all her flaws, was the envy of all the world. And just look at her, taking a photo in a bikini, not ashamed one bit of the womanly curves that she had. And by that I mean it wasn’t the flattest of tummies. Yet women wanted to be her, and men wanted to conquer her. Can we have more of that nowadays? I understand all the washboard abs that are flying around. I get it. But can we celebrate the fact that we are all beautiful just as we are. This photo, was real, unedited and not a touch of photoshop in sight. Obviously it wasn’t invented then but come on! You know what I mean. There is way too much touching up, filters, effects, and blah blah blah in today’s analytical world. We have dissected ourselves so much so that we have forgotten what real human beings are. I am not one to talk on this one. But I feel like it’s the pressures of society that have made me so harsh on my outer beauty. I scrutinize every detail, every flaw and quite frankly I’m getting really sick and tired of putting such a backbreaking burden upon myself.

So here’s to the simpler times…
❤ ❤ ❤

(if you want more info on the photos then check out my Pinterest Board: 1950s Inspiration)