The 92 Year Old Man Who Sang To His Dying Wife

Disney's Pixar Up

What I’m about to show you has been viewed a little over 4.3 million times and keeps on rising steadily. The first time I saw it,was actually two nights ago when a friend posted it to her wall. And to be completely honest… I cried as if my heart was being brought back to life. It was the sweetest, most sincere, and most genuine video I have seen in a while. Get ready… Oh and crack out the tissues.

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Some Food For Thought…

When I read this quote it made me pause for a minute and I like when a quote does that. The words resonated with me.

I took two things out of these words. One, is to always look beyond the surface, whether it is in regards to people or situations. Delve deeper, pry open and connect. And two, to always do right by yourself and others no matter if people are watching or not.


What do you guys get from this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!