Beauty in Today’s Society Has Got Me All Messed Up…

Mad, Frustrated at Beauty Industry

Last week someone snapchated me after about a year of not talking to each other. It wasn’t due to any one significant reason but a few little mediocre ones. All I’m saying is, he did some annoying/questionable things. But before I changed numbers I remembered him whatsapping me trying to meet up before he moved back to his country of origin. I, like all people who can’t be bothered to confront someone, ignored him. Anyway, long story short, he got back in touch and sent me a snap on a Saturday night about a week ago.

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Finding Your Couch Potato Lover Has Left Me With a Whole Bunch of Questions…


Oh the bane of having to be sociable. It has been my Achilles heal for as long as I can remember. Okay, fine, to be honest I’ve been a hardcore grumpy grump hermit for the last three and a half years. As I’m sure you’ve gathered, dating hasn’t really been on my social to-do list lately. It’s not that I haven’t tried, it’s just that I miss the old way of how people met. You know, in person. Where they could witness your great personality first hand. Instead of a couple of pictures and some texts through a dating app.

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This Week’s Motivation: Stop Obsessing About Your Flaws

Motivational Quotes

Man oh man are we tough on ourselves. We can look in the mirror and spot 10 flaws jumping out at us. Then we can internalise it and think of probably 10 more without even batting an eyelash. We are harsh, cruel and unloving towards ourselves. Why is that? Why are we so judgemental on our own well being? It’s mind-boggling. I know society has placed a heavy burden on us with unreal expectations. But aren’t we strong enough to know that those celebrities have an entourage and a bucket-load of money dedicated to making them look like goddesses? I guess all those images do take a toll on us.

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Quote of The Day…

In the dark

This is so true. Don’t you guys think? I think most of us are scared of what people may conceal. It’s like going forward into the darkness not knowing what you will find. Praying and hoping that it will only ever be an empty space. The kind that brings a sigh of relief when you turn the lights on. But there are those other times… The times where even turning on the lights won’t help. And once you see the true nature of people, after the cover of night has been lifted, it’s most definitely a sudden jolt to your senses. In fact for most, it renders us into a completely paralysing state of affairs. And that right there, is scary when you never saw it in the first place. Where it was hiding in plain sight, masked by the love that you’ve shown the imposter. A person that you never truly knew.

Some Food For Thought…

When I read this quote it made me pause for a minute and I like when a quote does that. The words resonated with me.

I took two things out of these words. One, is to always look beyond the surface, whether it is in regards to people or situations. Delve deeper, pry open and connect. And two, to always do right by yourself and others no matter if people are watching or not.


What do you guys get from this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Sorry to Say, But Money Can Buy You Happiness…

I am truly convinced that rich people made up this stupid phrase, “Money can’t buy you Happiness”.  Where oh where did they get this bullshit from? Because as far as I can see, if this sentence were true then us common folk must be extremely joyously happy, what with all the poverty and economic unrest.  We struggle just to try and pay the bills which in turn puts stress on the household, marriages, relationships and friendships. Not to mention all the robberies, burglaries, and all the other illegal shit that people do just to hustle to get some paper in their pockets. Oh yeah sure, we must be the happiest euphorically grin stricken idiots on the planet. Didn’t you know that when they hold you up at gun point to get your possessions its actually their way of showing you just how happy they are? They are frolicking through a field of happiness. Even the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” which was based on a true story, should really have been called, “Acquiring Money for the Pursuit of Happiness”. But that somehow doesn’t have a pretty ring to it. Let’s be honest people, he was in the pursuit of money, which in turn bought him his house, put food on the table for his kid, was able to take warm showers, buy clothes and therefore because of all this he finally became happy and content with life.

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