When You Develope A Bit Of An Obsession…


Howdy pandas!

I was just looking at my shelves, trying to rearrange some things. You know to make it look a bit tidier and I kinda just stood there. I couldn’t move. All I did was stand there and stare at one shelf in particular. I never noticed it before but now that it was sprawled out on one shelf, I realised I had an obsession.

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Let’s Show Ourselves Some Love… The 30 Day Affirmation Challenge

30 day affirmation staying positive

Hello to all my beautiful pandas out there!

I recently stumbled across another 30 day challenge that I of course had to share with you. This time around however, it’s to do with giving yourself love and positivity. Don’t roll your eyes. I promise, it will be good for you!

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The 30 Day Kindness Challenge

Hello to all my beautiful pandas out there.

So I stumbled across something interesting on Popsugar; a 30 Day Kindness Challenge. Take a look:

30 day kindness challenge


There’s some great things on there. But it kind of got me thinking. I find it slightly depressing that websites are making different “challenges” just to get the average joe’s of the world to be kinder, healthier, etc. I feel like we should be doing small things every day, not just for the “30 days”. Chances are we will do it for the allotted time period, feel a sense of achievement, then slowly forget about continuing with the good deeds.

So let’s do small sweet gestures every day for someone else. It could be loading the dishwasher for your mom/wife/grandma. Or giving a random stranger a compliment. Or even writing someone a sincere note to say what a lovely person they are. The rewards would be a wonderful feeling deep within your soul. A feeling that no amount of money could ever buy.

Sunday Madness: Boxes, Missing Socks and The Negotiator…



Oh guys, it has been one hell of a week. Actually it has been one hell of a month but this last week was like a whirlwind of chaos and I’m feeling a little light-headed.

Who here hates moving? ME! Between getting boxes, finding a new place and throwing out old crap I have gone right passed annoyed and onto the strongest of emotions which is that of hatred. Moving is by far the least favourite thing to do in life. Ever! And I am going slightly insane. Like Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest CRAZY! And of course it has ruined my Sunday routine chill out vibe. Boo!

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An Open Letter To Apple, From a Girl Who Wants Some Colour Back In Her Life


Dear Apple,

Firstly I would like to say that I am a huge fan and have been with you since you first started on your journey.

My first every computer was this bad boy…


And since then I have been through all of these old school ones as well…

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I Finally Know Why Harrods Makes So Much Money… 

First things first; I love Harrods. It is my favourite department store in all of London.  In fact, when talking about London, one should always include Harrods!  It’s a beautiful landmark that everyone should see if they ever get the chance to come to London.

For years, I had much admiration for the store. Well let’s be honest, clearly I still do. But I have now finally figured out how they make all their money. And it’s not in the amazingly expensive, unattainable for the working class, products that they sell. Oh no no no. This last Friday I finally found out the truth!

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Motivation of The Day – Write Something Every Day

Write Something Every day

For me this is a pretty tough one, seeing as how I have a pretty full plate at the moment. But I do try and write one post a day. If I just have no time whatsoever then I write a tiny blurb in my journal.Yes, I still have a journal. In all honesty, I think it’s the one thing that is keeping me sane. I think it’s super important to get your feelings out in some form or another. I’m not much of a talker. In fact, I have a very select few who I talk to about everything. Actually, it’s just one person! haha! So when that one person is not available to have a proper chinwag with, I write it down. All my thoughts. Even the really shitty ones. The shittier the better I say. That way those thoughts are out of your mind and thrown in a book that can remain closed. Get those pesky negative bad joo joos out.

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