Quote of The Day: The Comfort of Feeling Safe With Someone

Comfort: Quote of the day

My dear fluffy pandas, this is going to be a super quick post today. And because of the swiftness, I thought I would leave you with a good quote (Featured image).


My thought when I read this is that I miss the intimacies of being in a relationship sometimes. The understanding between two people. The downright psychic powers you possess in knowing what your partner is doing and what each personality trait means no matter how much of a micro-expression it is.

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Beauty in Today’s Society Has Got Me All Messed Up…

Mad, Frustrated at Beauty Industry

Last week someone snapchated me after about a year of not talking to each other. It wasn’t due to any one significant reason but a few little mediocre ones. All I’m saying is, he did some annoying/questionable things. But before I changed numbers I remembered him whatsapping me trying to meet up before he moved back to his country of origin. I, like all people who can’t be bothered to confront someone, ignored him. Anyway, long story short, he got back in touch and sent me a snap on a Saturday night about a week ago.

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National Blog Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month

Well Pandas, I have decided to take part in November’s National blog posting month. It’s where bloggers sign up and write a post every single day. Personally I have no idea how I’m going to do it seeing as how the last time I wrote something was on the 25th of October. But I figured I needed a challenge to get me going. After all tomorrow is ‘Do it’ day so I’m going to start making things happen!

Wish me luck!

The Thing About Beauty…

Beauty and how we internalise it

Doesn’t this hit home? The discussion of beauty is a pretty extensive one. We want to be it, talk about it, love it, and conquer it. We truly are a world that reveres looks. Sometimes we are so obsessed that if we aren’t up to par with the rest, it will inevitably create even more insecurities within us. And therein lies the problem.

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Why We Should Continue To Embrace and Nurture Strong Women…

Strong Women

Being a strong woman in this day and age should be a mandatory requirement. And by this I don’t mean the actual literal term of the word. I am referring to the emotional and mental layering of it.

Ever since I was a little girl I grew up knowing that I was a woman in a man’s world. I knew that we were always seen as the “behind every man stands a great woman” kind of lady. We would subtly go unnoticed. We tended, cared, counselled, taught, loved, sacrificed, all in the effort to hopefully one day stand beside the man. But there were some of us that were ready to break that cycle. I’m talking about the single mothers out there. The women who are working three jobs and still taking classes to better educate themselves. The ones who are raising families while having a high powered career. The ones who are entrepreneurs and motivational speakers. The ones who struggle with postpartum depression, who suffer from an eating disorder and managed to come out the other side because of their sheer strength and determination. I am talking about women in the police force, the armed services, nurses, doctor, lawyers, CEO’s, teachers, and senators. All these women had the strength to do what they had to do to make this world a better place for the rest of us. They had the nerve to show us that we can step outside the box.

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A Casualty of The War On Fat…


On the 31st of August my pal (who I call Squishy) and I decided to combine forces of encouragement in the hopes of tackling the frustratingly difficult journey of losing weight. We figured the best way would be to motivate each other and share what foods we were eating throughout the day. You know like a keep-each-other-in-check kind of thing. She would be my Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and I would be her Jason Momoa. We would be motivators, terminators, hulkinators and whatever else kind of -ators we could think of.  After laying out the foundation of our ingenious plan, we decided that the best time to start this magical invigorating quest was on the first of September. Which of course was the next day.

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Weekend Photo Journal: Hooray For Houndstooth


Okay Pandas, this week I have been lusting over Houndstooth. There’s just something about the pattern, not to mention the cosy thickness of it. It’s so chic for winter that I want to shout it from the rooftops. Now I know over-using this pattern can scream houndstooth road kill. But splashes of it here and there, will always be a YES moment.

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