A Most Curious Wedding Fair…

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This weekend I went to the, A Most Curious Wedding Fair and if I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I mean, it’s not my thing. Ok…. I gots no mans, no chance of even touching no mans and probably no chance of future touching of no mans. So I was a little hostile to the idea of seeing women pining over frilly frou-frou’s and cute talk. However with that being said, when I was about 5 minutes in, I already started singing a different tune; wishing I could find me a fella to wed real quick were the lyrics by the way. I was even tempted to pretend that I was getting married, but realised that would cause a lot of internal monologues and angst in a woe is me kind of way so I opted to say I’m a blogger! I mean DUH right?!

This wedding fair was all about unique, different, alternative, quirky, cute and as far away from traditional as they could possibly go. There were some things that really couldn’t change much, like cakes for example but they were still lovely to look at.

Each stall brought something different and honestly if I were getting married then this would have been the place! I was even able to get glitter lips, glitter stars on the side of my face and a cute temporary tattoo. I mean a day well spent is an understatement.

Anyway I won’t go blabbing on and on about it, I’ll let you see for yourself…



The Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Well, my how the time flies. It would seem another Valentine’s Day has crept around the corner to grace us with its presence. Despite me being single yet again on this joyous  occasion, I’ve decided to do a post on more meaningful things you could do as opposed to your run-of-the-mill restaurant affair.

I was thinking that if this is the day to celebrate love, then surely it should be the day that one should go above and beyond their normal date night. I’m not talking about shelling out big bucks on materialistic affection. No, I’m talking about taking time out of your busy schedule to create a magical night. I think couples, especially the one’s who’ve been together for a while, look at Valentine’s day as another date night. Dinner and a little present that you probably picked up at the last minute. I mean, if we have to celebrate this holiday then shouldn’t we go all out to show our affection towards the people that we love? And I’d like to point out, it’s the thought that counts. If it were me and I came home to a fort made with comfy pillows, fairy lights, dinner and a movie care box that would be a really sweet gesture. I would feel like my partner has really taken the time out to think of something intimate, cosy, and from the heart. But maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, I better get on with it or I will start down the road of why we should be celebrating Love 365 days a year instead of just the one.

Have an Indoor Picnic for Two or Create a Cosy Fort…

Even though this is a simple gesture, it’s still a meaningful gesture nonetheless. It shows that you took the time to make the evening special.

Make it a Special Movie Night Affair…

Grab a couple of movies that you will both enjoy (doesn’t need to be rom-coms btw), get some snacks and a cute card that you’ve made yourself with maybe a little letter to show why you love them and you’re good to go.

Make Breakfast Special…

Creating heart-shaped, lovey dovey breakfast treats for the one you love will go down really well. Surprise them even further by bringing it to them in bed.

Open When… Little gifts/letters to open at certain times

You can create a whole heap of little letters or presents for your significant other. Some could be open when:

  • You’re feeling sad
  • You’re missing me
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re made at me

And so on.

52 Reasons Why I Love You…

OK so maybe 52 reasons may be a lot for some of you. But who knows, you just might surprise yourself. Not only will this be an exercise for you to really look at why you love the other person, but again it will be a great gift to receive because you’ve made it from scratch.

Great Food/Drink/Dessert Ideas

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

Create a Care Package of Love…

You can fill these bad boys up with anything you like. Sweets, flowers, letters, pressies, or whatever else you can think of! Showing your partner that you made this care box yourself will go down a treat.

Create a Unique Card…

Insert a little poem that you’ve found (or write one yourself), or write a sentimental letter of when you knew the first time you fell in love with them was, or maybe even a little inside joke that only you two share. Just do something more than writing Dear… and Love always…

Create Love Vouchers/Coupons

On top of your other treats, give these out so they can redeem them throughout the year. This will not only aid to your date nights but also spice up your relationship a little.

DIY Boxes and Decorations

You can put paper hearts on the floor for them to follow to their real surprise. Or create DIY boxes to hold your presents in or simply decorate your place with different make-shift trinkets of love.

Have a Painting Session for Two…


This could be a great way to spend some quality time with someone. Turn off your phones, sip some wine, eat some dessert and laugh at your horrible masterpieces.

Or you could recreate the scene from ‘Ghost’


Okay maybe you can skip the latter and just watch the movie instead.

Create a Happy Jar…


Another cute sentimental gift that you can create to make your partner happy throughout the year.

Create Your Very Own Scratch Cards…

This is just the cutest idea! You can’t not do it now!

Leave a Huge Post-It Collage Somewhere…


You could write what you love about them, or little love quotes or whatever tickles your fancy.

❤ ❤ ❤

All in all, whatever you decide to do, just make it a heartfelt gesture. We have gotten so caught up with quickly buying generic cards and presents that somewhere along the line we forgot to celebrate the person that we’re with. We’ve forgotten to really take a moment and spend good quality time with our significant others. So go all out and be creative. Don’t be lazy bastards and settle for quick fixes. And just remember… if you’re going to do a big shebang on the day, turn off your phones for even a couple of hours and really connect with the person that you love.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day pandas!

*If you want details on all the photos used please check my Pinterest board here…

The Best Ideas, Treats & DIY’s For Valentine’s Day


Well can you believe it! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you may still be scrambling to find some things to do for your significant other. So… here are some cheap, cheery and fun ideas!
Enjoy! And don’t forget to click on the images so you can see all the how-to’s.



Morning Canoodles – Crandberry Blood Orange Lemonade & Red Velvet Pancakes

Is this too much red for a morning breakfast? Who cares! DELICIOUS! This combination is sure to get you some extra lovin’ from your special someone!
The lemonade is from:
The Kitchen McCabe
And the red velvet pancakes are from:

Main Squeeze


Smoky Beetroot Hummus



Beetroot Risotto

Quite possible you are looking at these two side dishes and questioning whether or not this will be appetising. Here’s the thing guys. Just be daring and try something different. You never know, you might just love it.

Sugary Sweetness

Valentine’s Molten Chocolate Cake

One word… YUM!

Love and Lemons

Chocolate Cherry Blossom Cookies

The colour is perfect for a lovey dovey day…

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Magical Macarons

First image is from Raspberricupcakes.com and the second is from Annie’s Eat’s. Both look absolutely scrumptious. If I could bake for a living I would and name myself the queen of deserts. Fat is already starting to form around my tummy just thinking about it.

Or why not do treats in a present form!!

Like this cutie patootie treat box from abeautifulmess.com


DIY’s & Pressies Galore


Well that’s something different to do with flowers. Abeautifulmess.com

Printable Awesomeness

Laurenconrad.com has got a pretty cute site which I like to peruse from time to time.


This is by far the cutest cards I have seen. I love the artistic watercolour feel they have. So go print them
out at Sincerelykinsey.com

How about a DIY Soy candle
For a girlie girl

Check out the full instructions over at Evermine.com

Naughty or Nice?

This is a cute idea for your lovaahh.

P.S.- Fashionlush.com is to die for, fabulous!

Best DIY Game Ever! JENGA!

Brit + Co have just given the best idea ever to spice up your evening!


For all you singles out there
This is what I’m getting up to on Valentine’s Day…
Party for 1 please!

I am going to attempt all of these. Reason being:
-It is going fill up my Saturday and make it go by QUICK! Which is exactly what I want.
-I wanna get drunk in a girlie style and pamper myself. Because I LOVE ME! BAM!

Check the how-tos out here:

1. Lauren Conrad
2. Oh – So Pretty
3. Fleur De Force
4. South by North


What Would the Child You Once Were, Think of the Adult You Have Become?


I read this question a little while ago on my twitter feed. It was a photo of half a boy’s face tied to half of a man’s face; implying that the boy grew up to be that man. The question was sprawled out on either ends of the photo and I paused for a while after having seen it. I guess I thought that it was a really good question to ask oneself. What would the child that I once was think about me now? Would she be disappointed? Would she be annoyed? Or would she be accepting and forgiving as she realised that life never really turns out the way that you had planned? After asking myself these questions I knew deep down that the initial reaction of the girl me would have kicked me up the backside and might scream her lungs out. The girl me would be pissed and she would want answers.

When I was little I was a pain in the ass. My parents no doubt wished that they could lock me in the basement at times but unfortunately for them in the mid to late 80’s it was starting to be deemed unacceptable to beat your kids and shove them in a basement. So I tormented them. I wasn’t completely horrid. Honest! I was just very carefree and liked to dream. I can remember there was this tree that grew to the side of our house in New York that I would climb and just sit there for hours. I would watch and observe everything. The cars passing by, the families out and about and the general life of a normal suburban neighbourhood in Long Island, New York. I truly loved it there and when life gets a little tough nowadays, I look back fondly and know that at least my childhood was that of kings. My mom was fucking psychotic back then but when it came to playing with the kids on my block (there were 20 of them) she would let me play all day, come and eat dinner, and off I was back out there until 9 at night. Summer was my favourite time of year there because it wouldn’t get dark until late and all of us kids would stay out to play basketball, roller hockey, two hand touch football, and any other game we could think of. It would be bliss for any kid to experience such a childhood.

Even though I might have annoyed my parents they still raised me with manners and kindness and I would always abide by those when we were in public. I actually loved going to school because I was everyone’s friend. I was cool with the popular kids and I was always nice to the ones who were not the chosen ones. I remember one time my mom wouldn’t let me sleep over my best friend’s house on a school night which I had already said yes. So I had to go back and tell my friend that I couldn’t come. I could see her get mad but all she did was walk away with another friend. As she decended the stairs I poked my head over the railing and heard her say ‘God, she is such a Bitch.’ And even though I thought that that was a harsh thing to say (I never swore back then, I mean ever) I forgave her in my mind right then and there and never confronted her. I was always nice to people, always seeing the good in everything. And I always went above and beyond the call of duty. I was not only fiercely loyal, I never used to say mean things about people. Because even back then I knew their secerts at home. I knew that people were the way they were because of things that they couldn’t control. That their home life might not have been that of fairytales and unicorns. So I knew that it was always better to take it, move on and always be loving and caring.

When it came to me and my ideas of what I would be like when I grew up all I knew was that I was going to be married at 24 and have 2 or 3 kids by 27. I went from wanting to be a vet, a lawyer, to finally wanting to be a teacher. And my passion was ice skating. I thought I would be able to do that forever.  What I didn’t know was that photography and films played a vital role throughout my life due to my grandpa (who I called Dedo) and my mother (who was writing screenplays). And that was when I fell in love with the idea of being on a film set or a music video set. Writing started to take a more dominant role in my life and this was surprising because I was in the slow class for writing. I would always mix up the b’s and the d’s. So boy would turn into doy and that’s when my Mom would yell at me. She was an english theatre major after all. I would like to think that it was because my first language was Greek and that’s why I was slightly fucked up. But I practiced, I bettered myself and I always wanted to try my hardest. I was never the brightest or the cleverest. But I had a zest for life. And I knew that I was going to be something wonderful someday.

If that little girl who thought she could accomplish anything through kindness and dedication saw me now I think a tiny tear would trickle down her face. It’s not that I’ve spent these past years with regret. It’s because I wasn’t able to get to where I wanted to get to. To be a creative person and be in a job that is highly uncreative slowly starts to chip away the spark in you. I think she would see a woman who became broken. A woman who still has a tiny bit of hope left but that it might not be enough. She would see a meaner woman. A woman who has become slightly closed off, who doesn’t give herself to others fully and whose kindness has diminished throughout the years. She would see loss and confusion in my eyes. She would see envy and jealousy. She would see my open wounds left by those that I gave my soul and heart to. She would see pain and loneliness and she would see sadness. But even with all that she would see a woman who has become strong. Who has fought to get back on the right path. A path to finding happiness. And she would see a tiny flicker of light still shinning in the depths of my eyes. There is still fire left in me.

I think little me would have a mix of emotions if she met her older self. But I think she would see that even though I might have lost my drive and way for a few years, she would know that it was only a phase. She would be proud that I haven’t lost all hope. That I haven’t closed myself off completely and that kindness does come out when people deserve it.

Yes, things that I thought would happen or who I would caring on being have changed. My outline of achievements have altered and faltered. My goals when I turned a certain age have not come into fruition. But life has happened and people and circumstance change the course and outlook you once might have had. People can hurt your ideas, your dreams and your wanting to love and be kind to others.  But I think little me wouldn’t be completely disappointed after she delved deep into my soul. I think her initial reaction would be harsh and brash. Yet after the initial shock wore off, she would see that life is what has made me. That I have become more focused again and she would know that all hope is not lost. She would pat me on my back with a cheeky little smile and say you are exactly who you were meant to be. She would stare deep into my eyes that look darker than hers and she would come real close to my face to inspect every crack and wrinkle that has formed throughout the years of stress. She would take a deep breathe and finally say ‘ I like you. You didn’t turn out so bad. Remember, you are me and I know we can do anything.’

Always the Mate Without the Soul



I was reading an article on the Huffington Post by Dr. Carmen Harra called “The 10 Elements of a Soulmate” and as I read the list I realised that I actually yearned for a deeper connection with someone. I may joke in my blog posts about the fact that I will be single forever and it won’t phase me but as I read this list I realised that I was scared to be left on this planet alone.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I do relish being on my own so I can do my own thing; I am an only child let’s not forget. But I chose that time. What about the time when I will want a conversation, one of those deep, meaningful, up all night conversations? I mean friends can only do so much at the end of the day. You will never have that connection that you would have with a potential partner. Sex of course, plays a major part in this. All those hormones and chemicals and stuff. They make you mushy and want to connect with people. Because let’s not forget, people want to be with other people. We are programmed that way. We flock to make friends, make bonds, connect, be a part of something bigger and strive to be loved. Throughout humanity people have formed groups, gathered together, huddled together, foraged together, plotted together and hunted together. It is in our nature. So it should come at no surprise when we feel this need to belong and be apart of something special.

I sometimes go a whole couple of months without thinking about finding someone, or better yet finding the “right” one. This is because I may find men who tide me over for the time being. Or perhaps the real truth is because I am finding it harder and harder to believe what men have to say. Therefore it is putting me off trying to find someone that I can connect with. Lately though I am feeling my heart closing and slowly turning to stone as the months go by. As if the longer I stay single the more closed and turned off I become. Yet every now and then I feel a little flicker inside me start to bubble , trying to come to life again. And that’s when the heartache begins, reminding me that I was not built for eternal solitude. I was built for love and companionship, for laughter, for joy and for contemplation. I was built to connect with people, to share moments with people and then to reflect on those glorious and unforgettable memories. Yet the hardening persists,  a constant battle mixed with a constant yearning. It is a struggle at times to detach yourself like I have. And I have realised that I have “consciously uncoupled” from society as a whole, only peering in from time to time through social media. And the funny thing is, I alone am the only one who can change my path, my fate.

But alas men have toyed with me throughout my life. Even the ones who are only casual idiots. They come and show some interest and then they leave without a whisper of a goodbye. They come to weave stories on top of lies, to tell half truths and their beautiful words are laced with poison. As the words fill your ears you rejoice at the superficial admiration that they possess. You get distracted, you start to believe all without seeing any action and before you realise your fate, the poison has taken affect. Thus propelling you into a downward spiral of anger, insecurities and self-hatred that since you are the common denominator in these equations, all answers must lead back to you. How does one open up after all of this? How does one try again? How does one rehabilitate themselves back into society after being sentence to the hole of solitude time and time again?

As I read that list of “The 10 Elements of a Soulmate” a couple really resonated with me. Especially number 9 which states that you would do anything to be with a person, you would fight the good fight for your cause. Which I am definitely guilty of. I would always give my all. With every relationship. Some I have even gone above and beyond the call of duty. I had laid down my life in the service of love. And throughout all this giving I failed to realise that I was looked at as a mate without the soul. As the ying without the yang. Always longing to be gazed upon with an equality of love in their eyes. It is a hardship to bear when those hopes never come into being. So I have retreated in defeat.

The word soulmate always perplexed me. The definition was clear yet I questioned the power and connotation that came with such a word. Can two people truly find each other and create such a bond to then be referred to as soulmates? Who knows. I’m not even sure if people experience a deeper level of commitment nowadays, where they just close themselves off from the outside world and become present to their partner, to their surroundings and to their conversations. I fear that there is too much confusion and distraction out there and for a lonely romantic such as myself I fear that I will remain just that, a lonely old romantic spinster with 50 cats.

Maybe it’s a silly notion to still hold on to. The idea of love. The idea that two people can remain faithful, committed, loyal and true to one another. As soulmates. Maybe it is a fictitious kind of love. Maybe it was just a silly dream of a little girl once upon a time. But wouldn’t it be a wondrous idea to uphold? To connect on a much deeper level instead of this warp speed imitation of love and togetherness. I think any relationship nowadays is just skimming by on the surface never penetrating the depths of the unknown. I tell you right now, we would all be in a higher state of being if we just let go of the judgements, the lies, the infidelities, the games and the walls. Instead little girls grow up only to find out that those love stories were just that. Stories. They grow up to realise the possession of beauty which is only skin deep is what counts and not that of substance, good heartedness and good temperedness. They grow up to paint themselves in the mirrored images of the magazines and that of the faux celebrity girl on those reality shows. While little boys grow to realise that telling a web of words can get you any girl. We have failed to teach our children that it is only actions that should count in the matters of the heart and love. So you know what? I will hold on to the idea of what a soulmate represents. For it gives me some hope to carry on and stay true to my course. Even if it may be that of a silly little girl’s utopian hallucination.

love10   What do you guys think about soulmates and do you think that you can find it nowadays? I would love to hear your thoughts.


On another note, I think my next post will be on exercise, or lack there of. Melancholic posts are soothing at times but jeeezzz I went to town today on this one.