Weekday Photo Journal: Murals and Wallpaper Galore

murals and wallpaper

This is how I know I’m a grown up (on certain occasions) when I start getting excited about interior design, architecture, home decor and baking. Now I know what you’re thinking… How can walls get me all hot and bothered. Well, simply put, these are no ordinary walls. These are statements of fantasy and whimsical mastery. Imagine coming home from the harsh bustling city that’s chewed you up and spit you out to find an oasis of wonder, where dreams can be cultivated. I like the thought of that. I like the idea of coming home to your own little sanctuary. A place where you feel like you’ve harnessed the Zen power of the ancient world.  Anyway, I think these murals and wallpaper inspirations do just that.

You might think some are way over the top but that’s why I’ve chosen them. To give inspiration to those who are in need of a change; whether it be big or small. So without further ado, may I present the wonderful world of walls…

❤ ❤ ❤

PS- You can find all the details for each image on my Pinterest board here.



Sometimes Your Vision of a Potted Plant Oasis Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Wanted It To…


In May I bought some pots and seeds in the hopes that my balcony would turn out like this…

I envisioned this whole beautiful little nook that I could go out to, as my own place of peace. Like a Zen-like serenity shrine. I wanted to breathe the wondrous smells of the petals up my nostrils. I wanted to sit on my little patio chair, sipping on my juice concoction and bask in the awesomeness that was my green thumb. But the reality was nowhere near my uplifting dreams. Instead, I waited. I did everything that I was supposed to do and as the first buds started coming out I realised that somewhere along the line, these flowers did not want me as their momma.

This is what I got instead….

Potted Plants that didn't grow pretty

You can’t even say they are cute. It’s like I grew plants for some horror movie. I guess my green thumb was not my reality. So now, every time I walk out onto my balcony, I am faced with this mess. Do I get a sense of calm? A sense of wonderful serenity? No! No, I do not. But, I suppose that’s life at the end of the day. The reality is, sometimes when you envision such beauty in your mind, it ends up turning into ugly little fury shrubs. Thanks Life for throwing in reminders every now and then; to keep me grounded and humble. Even if it was in the form of some potted plants.

Oh I’m just joshing folks. I don’t take it that seriously. Sometimes, ugly potted plants happen. It’s really how you roll with the punches. If you can make it a funny situation, then you got life made kids.

And you never know, maybe I’ll try again next year.

Peace, Love and Ugly potted plants

The Little Things To Make a Place Feel Like Home…


Hello fellow Pandas!

I finally feel somewhat settled in my new place. It’s not quite complete yet but it’s starting to come together.

Like with any new place of your very own you want to have a homely feel to it. But alas I am not made of money and that money tree that I planted hasn’t produced any currency yet, so I decided to start with the little things to spruce up the place with.

Even though it’s a tiny habitat, it’s still all mine and that’s what makes me feel all giddy inside. If I were to redo some things in life I think I would have loved interior decorating. Oh, that, and creating fabulous shoes. I still have sketches of what my shoe line would look like. Ahhh…. okay, I digress.

Decorating is so much fun. A cushion here and a throw there could make all the difference. I just wanted a place that felt inviting and cosy.

So here are the little bits and pieces…
(Don’t forget to scroll over the images or click to enlarge)

This is just a tiny sample of the bits and pieces that I got. To be honest I wanted to photograph a few more things but I just didn’t have the time, so please don’t kill me my cuddly little pandas.

All in all the place is coming together and I’m very proud that I have a place that I can officially call my home. My cosy place away from the chaos. My little nook. To be honest, I am finally feeling happy. And let me tell you, it has been a long time coming…

So let’s all do a big ol’ WOOP WOOP to the little things in life.

Sunday Is The Worst Day of The Week…



Do you have any idea how hard Sunday is for me?! It’s harsh. Cold. Miserable. Down right awful! I have no doubt that you guys can relate to this one.

The weekend is never long enough. I actually wish that we had 4 day weeks, instead of the dreaded 5. I am certain that everyone would be a lot more happier. Don’t get me wrong; I cherish my Sunday’s. It’s where I can catch up on reading, blogging, and generally be super lazy. And boy do I love me a lazy day! On those days I don’t even get out of my pj’s. It’s bliss I tell ya. Pure bliss! But Sunday evening is an unnecessary cruel torturous bastard. One where I do not wish to participate in any more. The hours seem to go by quick. I feel rushed for some reason. Like I’m looking at a sand timer of doom. Each grain slips through and it’s closer to Monday. My feelings for Sunday have worsened throughout the months. I think that’s partly because I am becoming even more unsatisfied with my job. So it makes Sunday evenings really hard. I will go so far as to say that I hate Sundays even more than Monday mornings. That says a lot doesn’t it.

And who ever thought of this quote…



…is a moron. Yeah I said it. And I meant it! My Sunday evenings fester dread and unhappiness. The only content feeling I get is when it’s actually Friday.

So Sunday, you have turned into a melancholy day for me. One where I am torn into two blobs. My feelings range from happiness that I get another day to sleep in. Excited, that I get to go out and explore if I wanted to. Trepidation, as the hours dwindle away. To down right sadness as the night becomes late.

Lionel Richie may be right in some ways that it’s ‘Easy like Sunday Morning’. But Johnny Cash said it best with ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’…

“On a Sunday morning sidewalk,
I’m wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
‘Cause there’s something in a Sunday
That makes a body feel alone.
And there’s nothing short a’ dying
That’s half as lonesome as the sound
Of the sleeping city sidewalk
And Sunday morning coming down.”

It sure is a miserable torturous kind of day that plays upon my soul. And it has gotten me vex I tell you! VEX!