A Tribute To All The Amazing Women Out There

International Women's Day


Ladies, can I just say that we are awesome! And boy, have we come a long way. So I suppose it’s only fitting that we get a day to celebrate our awesomeness; even though I think it should be celebrated 365 days straight, year in and year out. But this isn’t about me complaining about how it’s not enough or that there is a lot more that needs to be done. No. This is a tribute about survival, strength, companionship, friendship, confidence and love.

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The Love of a Smile…


Smiles and laughter filling up the heart.
It’s about to burst!
Giddiness flutters around, oozing out of your soul.
Rays of glistening sun beams bounce off you.
Illuminating others around you.
Infectious, addictive, sugary sweetness.
Heavy gasps of air. Feeling light headed again.

This must be what blooming feelings like in luscious flowers.
Breathing in deep hypnotic flavours. Robust notes.
Jasmine, rose, honey milk. An unknown elixir.
Impossible to superficially mass-produce it.

I’ve succumbed to all my senses.
I’ve let go. Lightness embodies me.
Tickling emotions. Mischievous emotions.
Toying. Playing. Laughing. Being. Living.