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Seeing as how travel Tuesday is a thing, I’ve decided to finally hop on board and share my bucket list destinations with you. If I could stuff my London life and travel the world I would do it in a heartbeat. But alas, I’m going to have to write this post instead and wish that one of these days I will start scratching destinations off my list. Even though this list isn’t everywhere I would love to travel, it’s the ones that I would choose to do first.


For me South America is a must! Out of all the countries down there, I would choose Argentina to be in the top 5 of my list. Firstly, I want to be on the streets of Buenos Aires dancing the Argentine Tango seductively with a fiery Latino man. Secondly, I want Spanish to roll off my tongue as I try to converse with the locals and thirdly, I want to explore every nook and cranny! I love everything Latin in case you didn’t know. I love the language, the dances, the passion, and the different cultures that reside in each unique country. So for me, Argentina is the place to go!



This mystical land has been plaguing my dreams ever since I saw a picture of Ubud (one of the towns) which was roughly 20 years ago. Every time I want to pretend that I don’t actually hate my current existence, I quickly google images of Bali. For me, it oozes serenity, evenness, a higher being and composure. It feels as if this place invented the phrase cool, calm and collected. And personally, I would venture out here to search my soul with questions like, “Do I belong?”, ” Is my inner being strong?” and “What path must I take to be at peace?”. Anyway, that’s the vibe I get and I desperately want to go there.

New Zealand

Ok, so ‘Lord of The Rings’ is my life and is the best trilogy this world has ever seen. FACT! It’s not up for debate. Therefore because of this alone I want to see Hobbiton God dammit! I want to sit on the stoop of Frodo’s house and smoke some weed. That’s it. Ok I joke (not really), I also want to see the beautiful towns, mountains and oceans.



Ah back to my passion for Latino awesomeness. Chile would be number 2 on my list. I think it’s becoming apparent that I have a thing for mountains, lakes, ocean types of destinations. Which surprised me a little. For the most part I thought I would choose places like a beach in the Caribbean or the Maldives. You know, places where I can be the laziest fatty on earth. But my first choices have been countries where I can trek and explore their wondrous cultures.


Doesn’t Norway strike you as a country that doesn’t have any crime whatsoever?! It’s like a place where magical unicorns and gnomes really exist; a quintessential place where the northern lights shin bright. All I can say is, sign me up right now!


I have always wanted to visit the temples, shrines and beaches of this beautiful country. It’s sunsets beckon me. This is also another place where I think I would do some soul-searching.


Since I’m Greek I figured I should throw in a destination from my neck of the woods!

This beautiful island in the Aegean is a place I have been dying to go to ever since I was a kid. I’ve been to other greek islands but I’ve never had the privilege of stepping foot amongst the white stones and the bluest of seas. It’s also a plus that I can speak the language! Whoop Whoop! The only place where my language comes in handy by the way!

Chengdu & W0long – China

I have saved the best for last, in my books. A long, long time ago I was gifted the fluffiest panda puppet in the whole wide world. It was my life. Then as I got a little older I was gifted an animal book that had different creatures from all over the world. In it, was ‘The Giant Panda’ where I learned everything there was to know. As I traced the outline of my favourite friend on tracing paper (because I couldn’t draw freehand) I fell in love with it. So much so that it burrowed a place in my soul. I know that sounds a bit much but sometimes (ok most times!) I will watch YouTube videos of fluffy baby pandas frolicking in China. So there’s really no secret as to why I named my blog The Lone Panda. Because I consider myself a lone renegade mixed with the fluffy docile-ness of a panda.

Anyway, if money were no object then I would love to volunteer at the two panda reserve and conservation centres. Not only that, I would probably donate a good chunk of money to help them further their research in making sure pandas are here to stay for good!

So I would say China would be number one on my list! As if that wasn’t apparent already!


❤ ❤ ❤

 PS- the images that I’ve used are NOT mine.


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