10 Little Quotes To Help Keep Your Positivity Going….


Oh pandas… it’s another week. How did that happen already?! Since it’s Monday, it’s therefore supposed to be the restart, re-energise, re-diet, re-motivation, re-something of the week. It’s the day where most, if not all of us, use as a fresh start. Right? I know I’m not the only one. However today, for me, was pretty difficult. It was hard to stay positive. To get that hashtag Monday Motivation thing going. Lately, it seems that I haven’t been keeping my positivity pants on. I let it slip. And to be honest, once you let it slip, it’s hard to catch yourself before you fall back down to the very hard cold floor of negativity. The thing is, I try very hard every day to stay positive. It has helped with my panic attacks, my mind, my health and my emotions. So even though today was a hard day to get my body and mind moving, I did it nonetheless.

It is the hardest thing to be positive 24/7. It takes dedication. It takes knowing what you want out of life and knowing who to surround yourself with. It takes knowing yourself deep down to your very core. Why? Well, if you don’t know who you are and which people influence you for the better then I’m afraid you are making it even harder for yourself to succeed.

We all have our bad days, but it’s up to us to get out of that funky mood. Downsize your life so it’s clutter free. That means relationships, friendships, careers, colleagues, materialistic objects that only aid your ego and any other thing that needs to be trimmed back a bit. If relationships and friendships become unhealthy, it will not only pollute your mind, but also your soul. Get rid of anyone who does not better you creatively, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Of course, should also be doing this in return for your closest people. Give and take as they say! If your job is stressing you to oblivion and back then it’s time to figure out what you would rather have. Health problems or a new designer bag? What are you willing to give up health-wise to gain in the career department and then eventually in the money department? It’s all well and good for a short period of time. But somewhere, you will miss important connections. You will miss conversing, travelling, meaningful and hearty laughs. Don’t get me wrong! It’s important to work hard at life. And sometimes that hard work will cause stress and undesirable setbacks. However, everything in moderation. Make it a better quality of life. Strive for that. And just in case you are anything like me and have those bad days where you want to fall off the wagon so to speak, hopefully these little quotes will help you through it.

If we stick together and uplift each other, I think we would be on to something very special.

❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Remember that you are great (even if you feel like pooh)

2. Look at every day as if you could redo your mistakes of yesterday

3. Make sure to think of all the wonderful moments in your life

4. The people who we hold dear to our hearts better be worthy, because they are taking up prime real-estate

5. If it was a bad day, snap out of it quick


6. Remember to breathe


7. Don’t harbour bad feelings, grudges and/or petty disputes

8. Don’t be so strict with yourself. Let your hair down and eat some yummy sweets every now and then (if Audrey Hepburn thinks so, then it should be so!)

9. Remember to look at yourself in the mirror every day and say to yourself that you are beautiful. Because YOU ARE!

10. And above all else, remember the following…


❤ ❤ ❤

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