Make It Happen In 2016…

make it happen quote

So tonight’s the night! For some, the new year’s already started. So as the rest of us countdown to the beginning of another 365 days of hopes and promises, I will leave you with this last post of 2015.

Let’s make this year count. Forget about resolutions. Sometimes when we make huge promises to conquer by the end of January it somehow seems almost like we are setting ourselves up to fail on purpose. So instead, make it fucking happen everyday (yes, the swearing was necessary), throughout the whole year. Tiny changes every day will secure your success in the long run. If lost weight is what you seek, then start off by saying in two weeks time I will lose 1-3 pounds. I know it may seem like nothing but the point is to not get over zealous, eventually blacking out in a cookie aisle in some grocery store somewhere. I for one, can see myself there, drooling and licking the filling off an Oreo.

If you want to quit something (i.e. Smoking, drinking, golf?) then do it slowly. Don’t do it cold turkey. I know some of you crazy strong-willed humanoids out there are capable of breaking a habit like nobody’s business. But most of us do not have your alien-like will power. On most occasions I will throw in the white towel. So, to avoid a complete meltdown after not being able to complete an impossible challenge, just think baby steps. Remember you have a whole year! That’s the point of those New Years resolutions. To do what you set out to do, for 365 days. It’s not to go full steam ahead every day for a month or two and then wash your hands of every new promise you made to yourselves. You will not only feel like a failure but you will sabotage any positive vibes for the rest of the year.

So relax, breathe and like the sign says above… Make it fucking happen! After all, you are the masters of your fate and the captains to your souls. You can do it pandas!

So to close this post with a bang…

May this new year quench your soul. May it be the light you were searching for. May you laugh a million times over until you gasp for breath and may you have unconditional love, solid friends, a strong  supportive family and abnormally exceptional health!

HAPPY NEW YEAR’s PANDAS! You are all beautiful inside and out. And don’t you ever forget it!


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