Makeup Review: Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

Ok my pandas, firstly I should start by saying that I have been unhappy with my makeup for the last two years. I have searched high and low for a foundation that not only covers my poor excuse of a face but doesn’t make it look like I just conked out on top of a cake; a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s been a hard mission trying different foundations and getting frustrated that something was not quite right with any of them. One was too thin, another was too cake-y, another would make the fine lines on your face seem deeper and so on. So, I decided to try a really nice mineral foundation again.

Back in the day I used to use Bare Escentuals, but that was when their foundation cost £14 (roughly $21). I tried it again when it reached £23 and something in their product changed. So now that it’s risen in price yet again to £26 I have decided to journey far and wide (my internet) to see if I could find a miracle foundation. And that’s when I stumbled upon Lily Lolo!

After reading lots of different reviews I decided to try their foundation out. The one thing I was worried about was which shade I should go for. But you know what I then realised? You could get sample products for just £1.49! That way you can get two or three different shades to see which one suits you best. I stupidly should have gotten 3 different ones, but I ended up with one. I finally decided on a sample foundation in Butterscotch, a sample finishing powder in Flawless silk, a sample mineral bronzer in Bondi Bronze, a mineral concealer in Nude and a Makeup Mist. I wanted to try out the foundation with it’s other counterparts and not just on it’s own. You know, to see how well they work together.

Here’s what I got…


So, my overall verdict? Well, this brand really did surprise me. First off, it is such a lifesaver to get sample sizes! Because this brand is only available online, it is essential to get testers to see which shades will suit you. And let’s be honest the photos, no matter how great they are, won’t depict the true colour or how it will look like on your skin. Therefore, I really didn’t mind paying the £1.49 for each sample. For the foundation I was able to use it three times. The bronzer and the finishing powder are still almost full. So it was a good buy.

Once I moisturised my face and put a primer, I applied the foundation using a brush. I started off a little at a time just in case. After, I put the bronzer on by doing a contouring technique. Then I put the finishing powder all over my face. And finally to finish it off I sprayed the makeup mist as instructed. The final outcome was great. My face looked fresh, matte, and no flaws were visibly apparent. I do think it’s super important to put a good amount of moisturiser to your face before hand because otherwise I fear that this particular foundation will look dry and flaky against your skin. Don’t forget to let your lotion and primer settle for a good few minutes. Let your skin soak it up. Then you can start applying your makeup.

The first time I tested the makeup was while I was getting ready for work. The reason being, I wanted to see how long it would last for. And surprise surprise it lasted all day without smudging. Somehow as the hours past, it seemed as though the mineral powders mixed with my skin’s oils and looked almost creamy. But it still kept the shin under control. I actually felt like I could run a 10K and it would still be kept all in place without a single trace of perspiration visible.

All in all, I was so pleased with this brand that I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the big sizes.

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

I do think, however, that I will try another shade of their foundation because the one that I got had quite a strong undertone of yellow. Even though I think my skin has natural yellow undertones, this seemed a bit too yellow for my liking. But of course it wasn’t the foundation’s fault, it was my own. So I will get a couple more sample sizes just to test which is best. Because as we all know, makeup is a very much trial and error process.

Also, just wanted to add that the site was very easy to use and I received the package in a couple of days without having to pay extra. Plus their product prices are absolutely wonderful! For those of you who are like me, counting their pennies, then this brand is not only worth it but a definite necessity to have.

So my little fluffy pandas, I think I will be sticking with this brand for a very long while.

❤ ❤ ❤


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