Skincare Review: Arbonne

Arbonne Website

Arbonne Website

Today, my cute little fluffy pandas I’m going to chat about Arbonne skincare company. The story begins through Facebook interestingly enough. One of my friends shared a blog post that I wrote on her wall and one of her former work colleagues saw it and got in touch with me. The lovely lady in question is called Sunita. We exchanged some messages and she said that she would like to send a sample primer over. My week was a bit all over the place so she sent the sample through the post. But when it arrived I was surprised because the wonderful Sunita, packed a whole sample care package for me.

Arbonne -Skin Care

She was even nice enough to send a note, along with her card, not to mention a booklet with all the products as well as prices. Take a look…

How sweet is that.

There were three main samples that were provided.

Arbonne -Skin Care

Top: Anti-Ageing RE9 advanced – for face, Middle: Calm skincare range – for face, Bottom: Sea source detox spa – for body

RE9 Advanced:

The sample box came with almost the full range which was great because I was able to really see how all the products worked together. There was:

Facial cleanser
Eye Serum
Intensive Serum
Day Cream
Extra Moisture Day Cream
Night Repair Cream

With this line I found that all the products were wonderful. The facial cleanser really made me feel like it was working down to the bottom of my bullet hole pores. (That’s how big I feel they are!) After, I spread the toner all over with a cotton pad. It cooled my face, making me feel really fresh and clean, which was nice. Next was the eye serum which I put around my heavy bags and crows feet. Secretly I was praying that I would wake up the next day and magically they’d be gone, however no luck there. I did feel a tingle though, like it was getting into the deepest crevices of my wrinkles. The intensive serum as well as all the creams were also very nice to use. The serum was light and I was able to put on the night cream on top without it feeling like it was too much. The extra moisture day cream was a little too much for me however, a bit too heavy for my face. Now that it’s getting really cold outside I’m sure this would come in handy because as we all know the ice cold weather makes your skin drier than normal. So I would only use this cream then and definitely not in the summer.

Calm Line:

Calm Line

This Facial line is a lot milder which would suit the younger ladies who don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet. Listen to me, I’m only 32 and I’m acting like I have the wrinkles of an 85 year old. It’s ridiculous, I know! I’m going to blame the beauty industry for that insecurity though! Anyway, as I was saying. This line felt very soothing on my skin. I liked the facial cleanser very much as well as all the other creams. However if I were to choose, I would choose the previous skincare line, the RE9 Advanced.

Sea Source Detox Spa

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 16.20.40

Can I just say that I loved these two products, especially the sea salt scrub. When I get paid at the end of the month, this is the one I want to buy first funnily enough.

And lastly, Sunita gave me the sample makeup primer. Which I forgot to take a picture of (forgive me!) so here is the actual product.

Arbonne Makeup Primer

After washing my face and putting all the other essential creams on, I waited a short while for everything to seep into my skin, before I applied the primer. And my, oh my, what a primer. I loved the texture and how smooth it glided over my skin. It did indeed provide a smooth surface so I could then start piling on my makeup. However, I did feel a little shinny after a few hours. It wasn’t a bad shinny, more like a dewy type of shine. I do know that some of you beauties out there like that glowy look, so this would suit you. For me, I think I would use this again in the winter only, in fear that I would look like I was melting in warmer weather.


I have to say that these products were extremely great to use. I actually found myself wanting to rush home just to do the whole facial cleansing regime. No joke. Every morning I would wake up and look in the mirror and notice minor improvements. Again, no joke! But the one downside, is the price. Buying a full set will set you back a couple hundred pounds. So for me I will have to buy things here and there so it won’t tug at my purse strings too much. I do know that investing in your skin is a sound decision. If I had the money I think I would buy the cleanser, toner and night cream all in one go. But I can’t justify that amount right now, no matter how much I loved it. But… I will be going over to Sunita’s  web domain to buy the sea salt scrub right away.

If you do have the cash to splash I would definitely check out this brand. If not, then start getting little things here and there, like me.

Oh and before I forget, Sunita sent me all these products not looking for anything in return such as  a review to be posted. I posted this because I really loved the products and would definitely back them. Because at the end of the day that’s what I believe bloggers should strive to do. If you like it, then post it!

If you would like to shop for these awesome products please do so under the independent consultant: Sunita Chambore. She not only took time out of her busy schedule (a working momma, top props to her!) but she was nothing but sincere, genuine and extremely kind. Dealing with her, will be a wonderful experience that will make you keep returning for more. So check her out in the link that I provided just above. You’ll see her name at the top of the website, that’s how you’ll know you’re buying the products from her. Just think of it as her online shop under the Arbonne brand. The cool thing is, her “shop” isn’t just for UK customers. It caters to other countries such as the US, Canada, Poland and Australia. So what on earth are you waiting for!!

❤ ❤ ❤


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