9 Beauty Must-Haves… All £9 and Under!

Beauty Must-haves

Pandas if it’s one thing I completely get, is shopping on a micro-budget. It’s not only hard weeding through all the bad ones out there but it’s time consuming. I literally grab a new product every month just to try it. My method is the trial and error one. So if it’s awful, I move on. But throughout the many attempts at finding gold I managed to find a few keepers along the way.

Behold… My 9 beauty must-haves. Oh, by the way, the cost of each product is in British pounds because I now live in London. But I’m pretty sure you could get most of these in other countries. If not, then definitely online.

  1. Sally Hansen – ‘Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat’ (£5.99): This bad boy is the best top coat I have ever bought in my whole entire life. It definitely does what it says on the tin. Believe me when I say I have tested all top coats and this is by far my go-to one. I won’t even cheat on Ms. Hansen with another brand. That’s how much I love it. I always do a base coat, then two coats of paint and finish off with this. Sometimes I do designs on my nails so it ends up being more than two coats of paint. And this beauty is right there to hold me down for days and days. Sally Hansen is everywhere so if you aren’t living in England, don’t worry. It is definitely in your country.
  2. C.O. Bigelow – ‘My favorite Lip Balm’ (£8.50): This is another product that is music to my ears. It comes from the States but luckily Liberty’s (an expensive department store) stocks the brand well. It really makes your lips feel like you’ve been soaking them in the softest of materials.
  3. Sleek Divine Eye Shadow in ‘Oh So Special’ (£7.99): There are many eye palette’s to choose from; I have 3 so far. It’s great value for money. The application sets well on your eyelids and the colours really do pop once you put them on. Sleek has a really good CC foundation cream as well and this brand truly rules for all skin types. In fact it’s tailored more towards the darker skin tones. So this brand would be great for all you darker-skined beauties out there.
  4. Eylure Nourish & Growth Brow ‘Nourishing Oil’ (£8.45): Can I just say, my eyebrows have seen better days. Like before I knew what tweezers were. Throughout the last four years, yes FOUR! I have been trying to grow my eyebrows. They have not been cooperating. Maybe it’s payback for all the over-plucking I used to do. And if that’s the case, then I deserve my punishment. I have looked far and wide for something that could help me out and luckily as I was doing one of my Google search marathons I stumbled across the Eylure brand. It’s got essential oils like rosemary that help make hair grow. It has been a slow process, but I have seen quite a significant difference. So if you’re like me who used to abuse your tweezer privileges then this is definitely for you. Trust me!
  5. Seventeen’s Miracle Matte Primer (£4.99): I can’t even begin to tell you how good this product works for me. Getting a good primer has been one of my missions for a while now. Fortunately, I like roaming the makeup aisles at stores. At the time I was on a mission to find something else when this miracle caught my eye. This product keeps your face matte for hours and really helps your application of concealer and foundation go on smoothly.
  6. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream (£9.00): I don’t care who you are, everyone needs to keep their hands moisturised. Apart from our feet, they are the only body parts that are exposed to a great deal of wear and tear. So carrying a hand cream on you is a definite must.
  7. Real Techniques Makeup Sponge (£5.99): Foundation is your base for your masterpiece, is it not? So unless you are 5 years old, you should not be finger painting on anything any more and that includes your face! I know friends who still use their hands! Oh I can’t. Anyway, this sponge really gets the job done right. Invest in sponges!
  8. Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau De Parfum (£5.99): There was a time where I would carry around my big clunky perfumes in my bag. They were my emergency stash. But I was getting super tired of carry so much crap around with me. I don’t know if you know this about me but, I hate bags/purses/clutches etc. If it were up to me, I would stuff everything in my jacket pockets. So while I was in Zara I saw this cute little scented beauty calling out to me. The fragrance is not pungent or over-the-top. And it’s perfect for those last minute fixes after work as you’re about to meet up with a dinner mate.
  9. Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly (£2.99): Okay, this right here has been in the family since I was born probably. My Grandma had it and I’m sure her Mom’s Mom had it too. This baby does everything. I buy the tinier version as well and take it with me. It has so many uses! Lip balm, lip exfoliator (use child toothbrush to get your lips kissable smooth) tame your eyebrows, helps your eyelashes grow silkier and longer, body moisturiser (I use it on my elbows), use on your fingernails to keep cuticles soft, a face moisturiser and the list could go on and on and on! This is by far the best product that you could have and it’s the cheapest! Double score!

There you have it. My 9 must-haves. Hope you enjoyed it! Okay my pandas, I’m off to get some beauty sleep.

Peace, Love and Cheap Beauty Products

❤ ❤ ❤

5 thoughts on “9 Beauty Must-Haves… All £9 and Under!

  1. I want to try all of these. Especially the top coat after an unfortunate incident with my right ring finger this afternoon… all my other fingers looked perfect too 😦

    • I feel your pain! Before getting this I used to ruin my nails all the time. I can’t recommend this product enough! It dries so quickly and makes your nails look so shiny. Almost like you stepped out of a nail salon! Xx

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