This Week’s Mission: Taking Some ‘You’ Time…

You time

Well, my dear fluffy pandas, another weekend has come and gone. Sunday’s are always a bit of a drag aren’t they? It’s a mixture of emotions. In the morning you’re happy because you realise you have one more day to relax, while the evening seems like a countdown to dooms day Monday. Okay maybe that’s a bit much. But as you know from my previous Sunday posts (here, here and here. There’s more but I restrained myself) that I am not a super fan of this particular day. I tend to reflex, mope and then look to the week ahead in a somewhat positive light. The only reason why I do the latter  is so as it reduces the chances of me making up an excuse to call in sick on Monday.

Anyway, this Sunday I have decided to end the weekend on a motivational high note. A mission for me as well as allb of you pandas out there. You ready? This week we are all going to be taking time off for ourselves. Yup. This week is going to be ‘YOU WEEK’! What what!

I’m not saying take the week off. However, if you can, go for it. But the reality is we probably can’t afford a week off. So what I mean is, finding the time to pamper yourselves. It may be in the form of going to that movie you’ve been dying to see. Or writing that next chapter in the novel you’ve been putting off. Or getting your nails done. Or finish reading that book. Do something for yourselves. We live in a world where everyone is on the go all the time. We are picking up kids, working, taking care of others, rushing through meals, missing conversations, worried about bills, about our families, about life. We are doing all these things and missing out on the fact that we are losing ourselves in the process. Maybe you will only take half an our a day to do something for you. But take that time off! Recharge your batteries. You will be no use to anyone if you are one burnt out panda.

So take this week to rekindle your passions. Go for long walks, go to a concert, sing in the shower really loud or create an evening without technology. Whatever you decided to do this week, do it knowing that you will be happier at the end of it.

Go forth my pandas, and get to your most beloved treasure…. YOU!

❤ ❤ ❤


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