The Thing About Beauty…

Beauty and how we internalise it

Doesn’t this hit home? The discussion of beauty is a pretty extensive one. We want to be it, talk about it, love it, and conquer it. We truly are a world that reveres looks. Sometimes we are so obsessed that if we aren’t up to par with the rest, it will inevitably create even more insecurities within us. And therein lies the problem.

There’s absolutely no harm in looking at beauty. It may even, at times, help push you down the right fitness avenue; almost like a healthy competition. But because our society has turned into photoshop robots and fantastical fakers, it leaves our inner selves torn, confused and disappointed. And because of this, we see all of our flaws 10 fold when we glance upon a mirror. In fact we may even create new flaws that aren’t even there.

It’s great to admire beauty and hold it at a high regard. But if it comes at the expense of your sanity then it’s time to find a new thing to revere. Plus there’s so much more to life isn’t there? Laughter, happiness, sanity, are but a few. How and why we’ve let little girls think that those magazine covers are real is beyond me. Sure we can strive to be our better selves by having your favourite beauties as your personal coach but don’t look at them and then pick at yourselves. Please don’t put yourselves down. You aren’t like the models that you see. So don’t internalise it.

Look at beauty and admire it. Feel the smokey embers of warmth that it gives off. It’s ok to let it engulf you.But please note, you are all beautiful. You are not just skin deep. You are not the flaws that you see in the mirror. You are worth everything in this world. And you will always be more than what you thought you were.

So always remember that it’s okay to look at others and admire their glow. But never think negatively towards yourself. After all, it’s your differences that make you unique.

Love always,

Your panda

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