Optimism: Think Cha Cha…


Since it’s the beginning of the week and I officially want to crawl back into my bed and die, I decided that a nice optimistic quote would do just the trick for Motivation Monday.

I know some of you are thinking phooey fiddle fuddle on optimism (I totally went Yosemite Sam just then, please tell me you know who I’m talking about?!)  but let me tell you, sometimes, it’s the only thing that keeps you moving. It’s the knowing that a ‘What If’ question might bring a ‘hell yes’ answer. It’s relying on hope to get you through and it’s the knowledge learned to accept that things may not be smooth sailing but you will prevail nonetheless.  Sure you might get knocked back once, twice, hell, even ten times. But you know that even despite these unfortunate obstacles you will get to the other side as fresh as a daisy. What does that even mean by the way? I know what it means, but why is it fresh as a daisy? Are daisies the Energizer bunnies of the plant world. Are they the Richard Simmons of photosynthesis? Okay, okay, I digress as always. But if you know, please help this panda out.

Either way, this week, we are going to be the most optimistic pandas ever. But for the love of skittles don’t go overboard with the positivity. No one wants a gushing Care Bear 24 hours a day. You will look a little cuckoo. Just know that things will always work out. Beam the optimism from the inside. It will always get you to where you need to be.

Peace, Love and Cha Cha


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