Why Women Faking Orgasms Is Not A New Revelation…



Let’s start off by saying that faking an orgasm can be quite common for women; almost like breathing. Are some men surprised at this fact? Is society? Last time I checked over half of us are women. So we are either keeping the greatest farce alive for a specific reason or we have a problem discussing it openly and honestly. There should be no more shock about it anymore. Sometimes it happens. At times it could be necessary while other times it’s accidental. There are many reasons behind such deception. So brace yourselves and hang on to your undies people!

Before I start yapping I just wanted to state that there has been a video making the rounds over the last month about “Why Women Fake Orgasms”. Granted it got a little traction but not much. It was mostly done to get a few laughs. While some points were true I wished that they had delved deeper. Then, I started reading the comments section and some women were getting a little upset that this was being discussed. While men on the other hand were saying that women were fake to the core for doing this. Not to mention, idiotic, ridiculous and if we continued then we would never be pleasured the way we truly wanted to be. The latter was a pretty true statement that I most definitely couldn’t argue with. But…here’s the thing, women know when they want it and how they want it. We know our own bodies. Well, maybe the more seasoned of us do. Therefore if we are faking it then there’s definitely a few really great reasons as to why.

When you first meet someone who you find attractive, chances are you’re going to sleep with them soon; granted if the chemistry and conversations are good. The first sexual encounter will inevitably be awkward if there’s no alcohol. You will be nervous and insecure about them seeing you naked for the first time. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in. So while you’re brain is going 100mph there will be no way that you’ll be able to achieve a real orgasm. You see, what men fail to realise is that if our brains are not in the right frame of mind, then there’s no chance in hell we’re going to get an explosion of the utmost awesome proportions. The more we try to will it, the farther it goes. I once got so angry because I could not get my brain to stop wandering. It was not a pretty sight and I really felt sorry for the man who had to endure my wrath for that evening. If you force it, forget it! You are screwed. So instead of trying to attempt angry-not-going-anywhere sex for the next hour, you end up faking things a little bit. There is no harm in that. You want the man to have a good time after all don’t you? Why be two miserable orgasmless losers. So if it’s the beginning of a relationship then chances are we will be faking it. Also some women can’t tell the men what they want in the beginning. It’s a shyness thing. I can assure you once we feel comfortable enough you will soon realise that you’ve got a wild one on your hands.

Next comes the long relationships. Yes, there are times we fake it then too. Sometimes those weekly sex sessions are long and you’ve got shit to do. I’m sorry, I said it! Real life comes into play from time to time and relaxation is a luxury. Family happens, kids happen, work happens and to be honest sometimes all we want is for someone to breathe on us every once in a while. You know the warmth of another body. The connection of naked flesh. I mean come on, those intimate moments can rejuvenate your soul. And sometimes that’s all we need. At the end of the day, women are not like men. Men could have sex 2-3 a day if you let them. We could too mind you. But after 14 days straight it gets monotonous, boring and tiresome. Women want quality, not quantity.

We may also fake an orgasm if the man is not performing well. Just to give him a confidence boost. Because as you know us women are pretty selfless. I was once with a man who could not for the life of him get it up. It would go up and then deflate back down. This happened about 6-7 times. Obviously my brain was not in it to win it at that stage (insecurities were in full force) so I just started doing very loud grunting noises while throwing in some ooohhhh’s and aaahhh’s. He came and I called it a night. My flatmate was not too happy with me the next day though. She thought I was being murdered. Ah, fond memories.

We may fake it when we need to be somewhere. Men really love morning sex. Chances are they want it before work. It gets their day started on the right note after all. However I, myself, am not too keen on it. For starters it’s daylight and that means my naked flab will be highly visible. So I am not a fan. But I will do it for my man. If it makes him happy I will do it. Just like he will do something that will make me happy. Give and take kids. This is the only time where I will pray for lightening fast performance time on his behalf. So I do more ooohhh’s and aaahhh’s than normal. Adding some dirty talk assists the situation beautifully. And before you know it, you’ve got them shaking on you as if being electrocuted like lightening.

Faking orgasms does not mean you are being a fake human being. It means that certain circumstances came into play which has forced you to play the card. Trust me when I say that if we could produce an orgasm every single time, chances are we would. Because that feeling of when it does happen is like magic. It is something that we cannot even explained, no matter how hard we try. No one would sit there and tell you we choose to fake one. If anything we would much rather have multiple earth-shattering ones. So if you’re with a woman, don’t ask her if she came or had an orgasm or if she had a good time. Just enjoy the moment. Let’s not get shocked any more when one of us says, yes we’ve faked it. It should not be a new revelation.

Sometimes all the stars need to align for us to feel the explosion. Women are more intricate, complex, and sensitive souls. There will be times where we will like it rough. Then we might turn around and want it soft and sensual. We feel for men because they do need to work at it with us. Pounding does not an orgasm make. It takes more than that. Therefore us faking it from time to time is only a sign of affection….and, maybe some selfishness thrown in. Because let’s be honest, sometimes I need it to finish by the time Scandal comes on.


P.S.- I am in no way speaking on behalf of all women. Some don’t have to fake it. Those are the women that I envy by the way. ❤

5 thoughts on “Why Women Faking Orgasms Is Not A New Revelation…

  1. Men fake it too! I have to fake if I don’t think I’m going to cum anytime soon and she is spent. Theres a threshold for a guy to cum before the girl gets too tired. Otherwise we feel bad if she tried that hard and nothing came of it (no pun intended).

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