The 92 Year Old Man Who Sang To His Dying Wife

Disney's Pixar Up

What I’m about to show you has been viewed a little over 4.3 million times and keeps on rising steadily. The first time I saw it,was actually two nights ago when a friend posted it to her wall. And to be completely honest… I cried as if my heart was being brought back to life. It was the sweetest, most sincere, and most genuine video I have seen in a while. Get ready… Oh and crack out the tissues.


Tears came didn’t they? I know, I’m sorry. But it really was sweet wasn’t it? A beautiful moment between two lovers (probably high school sweethearts) who have been together for several decades. It’s something that doesn’t come by often. So when I see such things, a part of me (quite a huge chunk really) can’t help but feel sad. Why was I  feeling sadness instead of happiness? Well, I think it’s because there’s a very good possibility that I might not ever get to experience a companionship like this.

With every generation that passes it would seem that we have gotten worse in the love department. I shudder to think what will happen to several generations down the line. I fear we will have robotic companions instead of human ones. We are already disposing of each other as quickly as we’ve found them. That’s why I’m sad. It’s a culmination of a few things which were delicately intertwined together to create this uneasy, heavy feeling in my heart.

Will I ever have an “our song” that I could sing with my partner? Will we be silly together and not have a care in the world on who watched our giddiness? And will I ever know a 6 decade kind of love? The answers to these questions are unknown. I truly have no clue. I wish I could be more certain and say it’s definitely in my cards to find the love of my life. A part of me thinks that maybe I already experienced love and that was all I was going to get.

When I look at the older generations it becomes more and more apparent that they had their heads and hearts in the right places. They were the go-getters. They strived for greatness in the face of adversary. They were the creators, visionaries, dreamers, rebels, activists and lovers. They built and we sat back and watched. They conquered and we basked in their spoils. They didn’t have the distractions of social media and the chaos of a modern world. And above all else they went after love and cherished it.

I look at this video and it reminds me that I have yet to feel an everlasting love. A love that I can think of fondly. An unconditional emotion that moves me to my very soul. My tears were sad yes, but I still hold on to hope. And maybe that’s all I need to keep going. Something happened as I let my heart open up while watching two human beings in love. An intimate moment that someone graciously shared with the world. That little window helped me start to heal my already hardened heart.

So here’s to the older generation. The ones who tell stories of a time that seemed precious and full of optimism. The ones that continue to show us how life should have been lived. The ones that loved deep until death do they part.  I truly hope they rubbed off on more than just a handful of us. That way we can pass on their zest for love, life and pure happiness.

Peace, love and hope…


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