Weekend Photo Journal: The Getaway


Seeing how it’s Sunday and I face yet another week in a job that I don’t love, my brain can’t help but drift off to imagination land. I get like this every Sunday mind you, and every time I take time out to focus on where I need to get to. Granted my journey has been a slow one, but, I’m still moving in the right direction.

Usually on these imagination quests, my thoughts drift towards my dreams and that of travel. I like looking at photographs of far off destinations. It not only relaxes me, but it also quenches my wanderlusting tendencies if only just for a short while. Therefore, this weekend for my photo journal I decided to pay tribute to the wonderful world of the wanderlust adventure.

No matter what, always remember to take a break from your grinding schedule. Make a visualisation board so you can see your dreams and aspirations. I like to think that if you can manifest it in your mind, then you can manifest it in your life. Simple as. The key is to, JUST DO IT. I like to picture Shia LaBeuof screaming at me. –You must have seen his video right?– It gets me pumped.


PS- If you want to know all the credits for these amazing photos, check out my Pinterest board.

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