Weekend Photo Journal: Envious of Ms. Emerald Green

Emerald Envy


In this weekend’s photo journal I have decided to stick to another royal, rich, decadent colour of deliciousness. And that my panda buddies, is the beautiful Emerald Green. Isn’t it just a divine, sumptuous, opulent,  and exquisite colour? It should have been the colour of the Gods. If Zeus was still around I’m pretty sure he would have draped all of mount Olympus and the Parthenon with trinkets, trimmings and adornments of this sexy commanding colour.

Okay, okay… in reality it’s the colour of Ireland, the beautiful city in the Wizard of Oz which was aptly named ‘Emerald’, and the colour of luscious foliage from our earth. Why wouldn’t I feature it this weekend! It’s also a fantastic colour combo to last weekend’s photo journal. Granted if you wear both in excess you will be seen as an over zealous Christmas lover but who cares! Right? They are just too scrumptious not to smother all over your naked selves. Oh dear, I’m getting sexual again.

Anyway, without further ado…

PS- All photos have been taken from Pinterest. Here’s my board for Emerald Green.


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