Weekend Photo Journal: Lusting on Burgundy, Maroon and Aubergine…. Oh My!

Lusting on Marsala

Can I just say, these 3 shades give me an orgasm. Yeah I said it and YEAH. I. MEAN. IT! They’re some sexy shades aren’t they? It’s that of royalty; rich, smooth, sensual, silky and bold to the eyes. Even as we speak they are seducing my eyeballs in some kind of sinister, sadistic, 50 shades of naughty way. Yet somehow it feels like the start of a loving affair filled with an abundance of spontaneity. You know, like that crazy, fun, secretive love you once experienced with someone. Not to mention it’s the shade of my favourite beverage… wine! I mean do I even need to say more?! These few qualities alone, made me decide to name these colours my weekend photo lust.

In case you weren’t aware, these shades (apart from Aubergine, which is eggplant, to you folks overseas) are under the Marsala group of colours and was labelled colour of the year by Pantone. Can I get a ala ala ala ala ala… no? Too much? Anyway, I’m being cheeky including aubergine in this post. Because, as I’ve said, it’s not in the Marsala shade group, but I love this colour too much and it’s my blog, therefore I can do what I want. Boom!

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much difference between maroon and burgundy is there? But I chose three to go with my Wizard of Oz reference. And yeah, I sometimes use references like how a chef uses a knife. Please tell me to shut  the F^^^ up if I get annoying. Dear all that is Dolly Parton, I definitely don’t want to be that annoying reference friend. The one that quotes movie lines, word for word. Ahhh, enough of me yapping!

May I present you with this autumn’s best colours. I’m telling you it will be everywhere and you will no doubt hate it by the end of the season. But, at least you can appreciate a few good colours for the time being. Man, I wish I could just wrap myself up, all snuggly tight with these shades. Deeeeelicious!

That’s a whole lot of inspiration right?! Okay… so I slightly got carried away but it seriously couldn’t be helped alright! I just LOVE IT TOOOOOO MUCH!!

Okay, it’s time for me to go before I start getting another orgasm over a F%$*ing colour! I need a life… seriously, this can’t go on for much longer.

Peace, Love and MARSALA forever!

P.S.- All photos taken from Pinterest. (Here’s my mood board for it)

3 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Journal: Lusting on Burgundy, Maroon and Aubergine…. Oh My!

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