Sometimes Your Vision of a Potted Plant Oasis Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Wanted It To…


In May I bought some pots and seeds in the hopes that my balcony would turn out like this…

I envisioned this whole beautiful little nook that I could go out to, as my own place of peace. Like a Zen-like serenity shrine. I wanted to breathe the wondrous smells of the petals up my nostrils. I wanted to sit on my little patio chair, sipping on my juice concoction and bask in the awesomeness that was my green thumb. But the reality was nowhere near my uplifting dreams. Instead, I waited. I did everything that I was supposed to do and as the first buds started coming out I realised that somewhere along the line, these flowers did not want me as their momma.

This is what I got instead….

Potted Plants that didn't grow pretty

You can’t even say they are cute. It’s like I grew plants for some horror movie. I guess my green thumb was not my reality. So now, every time I walk out onto my balcony, I am faced with this mess. Do I get a sense of calm? A sense of wonderful serenity? No! No, I do not. But, I suppose that’s life at the end of the day. The reality is, sometimes when you envision such beauty in your mind, it ends up turning into ugly little fury shrubs. Thanks Life for throwing in reminders every now and then; to keep me grounded and humble. Even if it was in the form of some potted plants.

Oh I’m just joshing folks. I don’t take it that seriously. Sometimes, ugly potted plants happen. It’s really how you roll with the punches. If you can make it a funny situation, then you got life made kids.

And you never know, maybe I’ll try again next year.

Peace, Love and Ugly potted plants


3 thoughts on “Sometimes Your Vision of a Potted Plant Oasis Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Wanted It To…

  1. I love the anticipation and the wait to see what happens to those too, just haven’t had luck with them either, so I gave up on the seed packets. I just go for the plastic potted flower pots and then find pretty pots to replant them in at home 🙂 and then of course they become gifts and I leave them to people when I move to yet another new country.

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