Adding To My Journal Obsession….

Katie Leamon

Hi Pandas! So remember when I said I had a pretty serious obsession about buying random journals? No? Well here’s the post about it. If you just skimmed through it, then you know that my obsession is getting a tad out of control. So I guess it won’t come as too much of a surprise when I tell you that I bought more Journals. Right?

I know, I know, you’re shaking your heads. I would be too. It’s a senseless impulse by. I always try and avoid the art shops and book stores but something came over me the other day. And gasp, I walked into my local art shop and started perusing the journal section. Don’t worry I didn’t buy… a lot. It was like three, okay! Three! I bought THREE new journals! Oh, can someone please just hit me over the head already! Because the really sad thing is, when people will eventually ask me in the near future,’ how are you homeless right now?’ I will have to reply by saying… “I kind of have an addiction… to buying journals.” I mean it’s ridiculous.

Anyway on to what I bought. The first one I saw was by Katie Leamon. I thought the covers were so lovely that I had to buy two.

Aren’t they pretty? She does a whole lot more than journals/notebooks. Take a look at her website. Boy, am I glad I stumbled into that art store the other day. This Katie lady knows how to woo the ladies with some stationery. She has the most amazing things.

Isn’t it just fantastic! You are welcome! Oh and if you want to keep up-to-date with what she’s doing, you can check  her Instagram and Facebook too.

Now going back to my journal shopping…

So as I was about to pay I spotted another journal and in all honesty, it was calling my name! No really. It was saying help, I need a home. How could I ignore such a plea? Such a helpless little ol’ thing that needed a place to call a home. I couldn’t just walk out. No!

Without further ado, my final journal that I bought that day…

Panda Journal


It was a panda guys! A geeky panda! It’s like the store new me! Obviously I don’t have to make any other case other than that.

Peace, Love and Journals Galore!


8 thoughts on “Adding To My Journal Obsession….

  1. I totally get it! I have mad love for Stationery especially pretty stationery 🙂 I could wander through pretty stationery stores for an entire day haha

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