Torn Between Two Countries… Greece and America

As some of you pandas may know, I’m a Greek American living in London, England. I hold my heritage very dear to my heart. I have never sided with one more than the other. It has always been right down the middle. The love for both has always been an eternally sweeping emotion. But today, I have been faced with two contradicting emotions, and it has saddened me greatly.

From the one side I am very proud that America has finally legalised, through the Supreme Court, the right for gay marriage to be acknowledged nationwide. This is a huge deal. I mean it’s been a long and torturous road getting to this point. And I couldn’t have been more happier. Can I get a WOOP WOOP guys!?!

But Greece? Where the hell do I begin with that one? This has been many years in the making. The world has been watching with bated breathe of the demise of a country that still holds onto, albeit very proudly, the notion that they were the founders of democracy. This proudness that the Greeks have possessed for all these years will be there ultimate judas. It has made them think that they have been untouchable. That “God” is by their side. That the people will still follow. That somehow they will come out victorious once again. How can I call myself a Greek when my country is imploding upton itself? How can I support when I don’t condone how they’ve carried themselves. It’s all too much to bear. This is the country that gave us Plato, Aristotle, the Olympics and democracy. Democracy has been the bedrock of the western modernised world. And yet this country is going to turn into a third world country. How is that understandable? It’s not. Somewhere along the lines we as Greeks have lost our way. We have elected individuals who have pirated and plundered our beautiful land and we are now left with uncertainty towards the future. I don’t know where Greece will end up. But it’s definitely not looking good. All I have is hope at the end of the day. Hope of what once was.

If America can right the wrongs with one verdict then surely Greece can stop being so proud, accept what’s happened and try and right their wrongs as well. But how can they start if they are unwilling to even sit down and  listen to suggestions.

Today was a day that I felt torn between two countries. It was the day where I was so proud to be an American. But it was also a day where I was ashamed to be a Greek.

Here’s to hope. For that alone will carry us through even the most tumultuous of times.

Peace, love and hope…


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