Take Me Anywhere Else But Here…

Take me to Neverland

Please take me to a place where there’s no pain. Where there’s sunshine to quench my thirsty soul. Where life means a bit more than what we’ve experienced so far. Please let there be a place where smiles are abundant. Where love is truly unconditional and happiness is more than just a myth.

It was a very clever writer  who once wrote about a magical land called Neverland. Probably wishing to bring hope to the fellow sorrowful bunch. The ones that hold on to hope like it’s the holy grail of life itself. We all know the story…

To me it’s about the purity in children. How we can never really get back that innocence ever again. Simply because life happens. We grow up and forget the simplicity of things. We forget what it feels like to love something without jealousy. We forget to let go and just relax. We even forget what soothes our souls along the way.

Wouldn’t it be great to get back to a place where things were that simple again. It’s unfortunate to know that we are the ones who complicate things to the extreme. So much so that life, at times, feels quite unbearable.

Please don’t forget Neverland. It’s that place where you felt the most happiest. Home. A place where rainbows are in abundance. It soothes your worries and rights all wrongs.

Don’t forget to let go every once in a while. Don’t forget to smile at something embarrassing that you’ve done. Learn the greatest lesson of being absolutely truthful. Make new friends and let go of the old ones that do not have your best interest at heart. Do something that you love. Walk around the house naked. Sing (no matter how off key) at the top of your lungs. Scream when you get an ice cream. And laugh uncontrollably when life gets too hard.

Always remember how you were like as a kid. Remember the simpler times. Remember your truest self. Because as you know, that was your real self. No filters, no barriers, no worries and no embarrassment. Remember what it was like. Close your eyes and think back to that time. No doubt, once you’ve pushed away all those blockades you will remember how glorious of a time it was. The curiosity, the wonderment, the adventure and the journey.

Don’t forget to visit Neverland every once in a while. Trust me, it’s kinda therapeutic. Not to mention magical…


2 thoughts on “Take Me Anywhere Else But Here…

  1. Hi there,

    Nice post. Again. But I have to disagree at some points you know. I mean what you are writing about seems to be true, yet the complexity itself shouldn’t make anything unbearable or avoidable(?).

    Visiting Neverland may help, but the harder the life gets, the more interesting the ‘journey’ becomes. Greater challenge needs greater solutions. That can be depressing I know but I guess as a child we used to have problems which seemed to be getting us down back then.

    Point is we faced them and after some years those problems don’t look so tough as (maybe) we already know how to solve them. I’m unsure whether it was idillistic or we just weren’t aware our surroundings this much. Do you agree?

    • Of course, you are entitled to disagree. And your points are great. But I was simply stating that sometimes as adults we take things too seriously and that at times it is nice to escape for a little while. Either to unwind, or have some ‘me’ time. I believe as adults we read too much into things. We don’t just take things for face value. And we certainly don’t go running around naked without a care in the world. I was merely implying that one should laugh more and take adventures and be as carefree as we used to be back in the day. That’s all.

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