Has Feminism and The Internet Stopped Chivalry and Wooing Dead In Its Tracks?

where have all the balls gone?

I suppose talking about men is a subject that us ladies have worn down to the bone. It’s a subject that even after discussing, chatting, crying, laughing, wondering, we still have no clue as to why men do what they do. And yet, here we are, in the 21st century still talking about fucking men and all their shenanigans. You would think we would have figured out some things by now. But oh no, we are worse off. In fact I think men are becoming ball-less. Yeah I said it! The lessening of the ball sack. The suctioning inwards of the testicles so that they have reverted so far up their canals that there is no possible hope of retrieval.  And because of this they have become more docile, tame,  and therefore less likely to pursue a lady. All I have to say is that there’s definitely no chivalry left. And furthermore I would like to add… certainly no  more wooing. You know that woo that he do with you you…. ok I’ll stop. But seriously nothing feels better than a good ol’ fashioned woo. I miss real men! Where in the hell have they gone? I’m actually starting to think that England has a serious SERIOUS problem whereupon I’m really contemplating  fucking off out of here and going back to the States. ASAP!

This topic has been festering in my brain cells for a while now, and I am firmly convinced that men have become lazy bastards. Why are they becoming so complacent? What, in gods cookie jar has changed so drastically? And then something dawned on me… Holy mother of sugar balls, women are the ones who have changed. WE are the ones who have become stronger. We are the ones coming off fighting right out of the gate. And to top it all off, the internet, my most beloved friend, has played a vital role in the demise of the male species. In fact because of these two thing we have somehow overlooked what’s actually happening to men.

Women have come so far and I can’t stress how happy I am about all this empowerment. WOOP! Of course there’s still things that need to be done but my oh my, life as a woman is pretty sweet at the moment. However, in this climbing to the top of the highest peak, men have sort of, taken a back seat. And I think they are secretly liking the fact that we aren’t asking them to be the bread winners any more. That we always ask to pay on a date, that our minds are firmly focused on our careers. But could all this feminism be moulding our men to, well, not be the men of yesteryear? I for one can’t speak for all men. But the ones I have come in contact with here in England are not really helping their case much. Think about it for a second. We are not asking the men to be the bread winners any more. We are not asking them to be the strong cowboy men any more. In fact we aren’t asking them for shit any more. We are simply asking them to just be around. Therefore, they do not have that sense of settling down any more. In fact most of the men that I have dated are scared of commitment. In FACT, they are perfectly happy nowadays, to let you do everything until you get fed up of their childish ways and tell them to find someone else. And through the internet, it’s become a whole lot easier to find someone new.

As I look around I do not see the opening of doors any more. Nor the letting the ladies on the train first any more. Nor the polite taking off of one’s hat in the presence of a lady. Okay, so the last one is a relic of the past but man it would be nice to witness it just once in my life. I actually don’t know what I would do if I saw something like this. One could argue that men are seeing us as equals now, therefore feel like they don’t have to do any of these kind gestures. Or it simply could be that us ladies are acting like men.

In the dating world, we really don’t have to do anything any more. We can meet new people through a new app or via the internet. Because of this, all men have to do is type ‘hi’ from the comfort of their own homes to score a rendezvous. They have access to all kinds of women now, but alas this access has affected the beauty of the so called ‘chase’. It’s become the extinct Dodo bird of the 21st century.

I sometimes worry that men have lost touch with how to treat a women. Yes, we are coming up in the ranks. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want those chivalrous gestures any more. I want to feel a man chase me. I want to see the yearning in his eyes. I want him to show me off to his friends as a worthy prize that I allowed him to win. I want to see him stick around when things get tough. I want meaningful deep conversations. The ones that happened before the internet and smart phones were invented. You remember those years people?! Where people didn’t lose precious time to check what’s going on in cyber space.

It’s sad to say, but people are forgetting the golden era of romance. I know there was one once, because I have witnessed both my grandparents and my parents doing these wondrous gestures for one another. The men new that women were their backbone, their rock, their pillar of strength. They grew old together for Christ sakes! They new that a partnership took a lot of hard work and that no matter what happened they were never going to throw in the towel. Now? Well, now…we are in the disposable era. An era that sees men throwing in the towel too easily. An era where women are forgetting how they should be treated. An era that feels a bit muddled and opaque with not much glimmer of hope. Can’t we be wonderful feminists and still be saved from time to time from a knight in shinning armour? And if we are going down the internet dating crap shoot then can’t we find a better way of meeting people. These fucking apps are just based on photos. It’s just not the same as having a man approach you in the street to tell you that he just had to say hi. MEN, where the fuck have your balls gone??? I’ll help you look for them for the love of rainbows! I will be the best god damn Sherlock Holmes of the ball finding mystery saga. I will be both Lewis and Clark, schlepping through miles of wasteland for a ball expedition. Let’s go find us some ugly looking balls people! Who’s with me?

Okay, enough rambling for one day. I guess the only thing left to say is that I truly am curious to know how the future will pan out…

Peace, ❤ , and Balls



11 thoughts on “Has Feminism and The Internet Stopped Chivalry and Wooing Dead In Its Tracks?

  1. Totally hear you–like, I want men and women to have equal rights, but I don’t think men treating women politely has to be sacrificed in order for that to be achieved.

    • Politeness and chivalry are not the same.When women and men become equal, chivalry naturally dies off, because women are no longer entitled to anything and men do not have to live up to certain expectations.They are both equal remember!

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  3. Equality’s natural outcome is the extinction of chivalry. I only go out with women that are ok with me paying my own way. I don’t need you to pay for my meal, drink or anything else. I have my own money. I don’t want you to think I owe you anything in return.

    • I get the whole paying for yourself thing. I always insist to pay for my share. If the man decides to offer getting everything one time then I pay for everything the next time. But I am more referring to the ‘taking care’ part of chivalry. Wouldn’t you want to open doors for your lady, or make sure she’s comforted when the time calls for it? I’m just curious to hear your opinion. I think this subject is a great one to discuss with both sexes. Oh AND! A big thank you for taking the time to stop by and write you comment. I appreciate it more than you know!

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