Here’s To Looking Forward…

positive vibes

You know that thing that happened yesterday… That thing that really upset you, made you miserable, and cried. Well, here’s the thing. It happened yesterday and you are still breathing today. You didn’t die over it. You were that strong to wake up the next day. And upon waking, you even feel a little less pain, even if it’s microscopic.

If you guys are anything like me, I tend to waddle around for a couple of days, eating, sleeping and remaining unwashed. Yeah, I go without showering because even the thought of trying to go through that whole routine is a panic attack waiting to happen. So I become the blob from the cult movie (remember?!)…


No, correction, I think I actually feel more like the blobfish…



I mope, sulk, eat, hibernate, cry, stare at the walls, watch ‘The Notebook’ movie and inevitably cry some more. And then, two days later, possibly three (depending on the actual severity of the misery that’s happened) I get up, out of bed, make myself some breakfast and I take a shower. And from there, I slowly move forward.

So try not to dwell on what happened the day before. If you need to sulk, then do it. But give yourself max two, three days and move on. Start visualising what’s about to happen, what you’re going to do to get yourself out of this funk. Visualise where you need to be. Pandas, always try to look forward in life. And always move past the sorrow. Of course you can look back on all those fond memories you’ve created over the years. But let it be that and that alone. Sometimes I look back at old photos and without even realising it, a happiness washes over me. Oh, my favourite, is looking at some super old skool videos. That shit, makes me chuckle.

No matter what you do, try and see each new day as a do-over. A chance to make the life that you want. A chance to seek some positive vibes that will no doubt improve your current state of affairs.

Keep moving forward my squishy pandas. We are all in this world together, remember that!


2 thoughts on “Here’s To Looking Forward…

  1. I love this! I thought it was super interesting and well thought out! I am just starting out on wordpress, and I keep a colloquial blog with ranging themes. I would love if you could take the time to read it! Again, Bravo!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to wordpress, by the way. Hope you’re enjoying it. I will definitely stop by and check your blog out.

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