Sunday Evening Pampering Routine…Things That I swear by.

Pampering hair, oils, rosemary

Boy Sunday has come quite quick this time around. It always leaves me torn in two. On the one hand,  it bums me out because I have to return to the working world tomorrow morning. But on the other, I get a little excited because Sunday has become my evening to unwind. I suppose I used to get too bummed out about returning to work on Mondays so I figured I needed something to get me all relaxed for the week ahead. And that’s when I decided to do a pamper evening every Sunday. It turns out, I get a real kick out of it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and pinteresting lately and I found out that rosemary, olive oil and castor oil are great for your hair. Which is a good thing because it’s pretty cheap. So I decided to buy the following:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
Castor oil (pure)
Rosemary essential oil (pure)
Extra Virgin Avocado Oil (Organic)
Jojoba Oil (pure)
Peach kernel Oil (pure)
Sweet Almond Oil

I decided to make my own concoction to sooth my tired and dry tresses.

Essential Oils

This time round I put the above (picture) ingredients in a travel bottle. I mix it up every time with the proportions but I always add a hefty amount of Rosemary essential oil to every batch I make.

Castor Oil Avocado oil rosemary oil for your hair

After combining all the ingredients I put it all over my hair and once coated I massage my scalp for a good few minutes. Then I wrap my hair up in a bun and cover it with a bandanna. You can use a towel if you wish just use a cloth like material. Before I used to wrap my hair in a plastic bag but the amount of leakage that dripped down my face resembled that of a melting marshmallow so now I opt for a cloth wrap.

Once I finish wrapping up my hair I then leave it for about 2 hours. In that time I like to do the rest of my pampering.

At this point I should say that my eyebrows have been shot to shit. That is due purely to my stupidity when I was younger. I hacked them to pieces and now I’m left with sparse patchy hairs that do not resemble two eyebrows. I should also say that I have to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. The amount of days that I have longed to never pick up that pencil again are uncountable now. It does my nuts in. So I started researching and found out that rosemary oil works wonders on your eyebrows as well. Now I put a nourishing oil treatment on my eyebrows while my hair is soaking in some oil goodness as well. But I also put it on before I go to sleep.

First I bought this Eylure nourishing oil which has rosemary in it…

Eylure eyebrow nourishing oil

I think it’s great. If you want a product that will give your eyebrows some nourishment then this is the one that you need to buy. But I also wanted to try and make my own…

rosemary oil for eyebrows

So I put rosemary oil, castor oil, a little jojoba oil and a pinch of avocado oil all together into the brown glass bottle that you see in the above picture. This is the one that I use before I go to sleep.

Next I do my nails. I am a big nail fanatic and my friends would tell you that they will always see me with different designs that I like to do myself.

Then about 30 minutes before I’m about to take a shower I do a face mask which I make myself.

DIY face mask beauty

The first time I tried a mask I used honey, baking soda (also known as Bicarbonate of Soda in the UK) and the juice of a lemon.

But now I add one more ingredient…

Face mask with Turmeric honey baking soda lemon

Turmeric!! Yup you read right my fellow pandas. Turmeric! Apparently it has some awesome benefits for your skin.

Turmeric, honey, lemon, baking soda face mask

Here’s some, to name a few:
Treats acne
Helps oily skin
Helps dry skin
Helps wrinkles
Helps eliminate signs of ageing
Helps lighten stretch marks
Soothes burns
Removes facial hair
Helps cracked heels
Aids to calm eczema
Removes dead cells

Turmeric benefits

I mean it sounds too good to be true right! But I am starting to swear by all things natural. I already told you what a big fan I am of raw organic coconut oil! Well, this is one more to add to the list!

And there you have it. My little pamper session on a Sunday evening.


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