The 1,000 Year Old Anglo-Saxon Remedy That Kills MRSA

Image taken from International Business Times

Image taken from International Business Times

When I first read about this, I thought someone over there at International Business Times had lost their minds. How else could one explain that a 1,000 year old remedy would do the trick in fighting off MRSA (also known as Staphylococcus). But as I kept reading my jaw began to droop lower and lower until it almost shuffled across the surface of the floor. My mind had officially been blown!

Here’s the breakdown:  Scientists at the University of Nottingham decided to recreate a 9th century old remedy that cures eye infections. They found this antidote from an old medical textbook that was called the Bald’s Leechbook.

Bald's leechbook

Some of the ingredients included garlic, wine and leek, whereupon all were chucked into a brass vessel and left for 9 days. Little did they know that such a remedy would fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. They then tested it on an MRSA strand and would you believe that it fought off 90% of it! I mean can you just wrap your heads around this fact for a moment. Instead of manufacturing chemicals and odd concoctions that I can’t say let alone write, they used ingredients that the earth has grown. To me this is a huge deal. If this one medicinal miracle can do such a phenomenal job then what about the other remedies out there from years gone by.

In our modern age with all the high tech equipment and labouring away on creating new drugs, it’s crazy to think that it’s something that has been around for centuries which has done the trick the best.

I’m getting excited just think of all the possibilities! And I think we can all agree now not to pooh-pooh the notion that herbal/alternative medicines do not work. On the contrary I think that the opposite will prove true. So I will definitely stick to using my raw organic coconut oil, evening primrose oil, spirulina and any other remedy I see fit. Because I truly believe that we have come to rely too much on chemicals in our every day lives. This would include all our beauty products as well. The parabens that are still being used are ridiculous! That’s why this bit of information is really quite refreshing to say the least.

So my little pandas, let’s all raise our paws in the air to a healthier and brighter future.


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