Giant Teddy Bear, Equals Heaven

Giant Teddy


So I was being a lazy moo moo cow today. Hey it’s Sunday after all. Although I will throw in that I did some work, and went for a stroll so I’m not a complete potato. But I am not going to lie. I did a lot of surfing on the net today. And guess what I stumbled upon! Giant teddies!! Ok, I know this isn’t ground breaking news. But I’m sharing it anyway.

All I’m going to say is that I need one of these in my life. Could you imagine cuddling with such a big ol’ smushy bear like the ones in the photo above. I would be in heaven, every day, for the rest of my life.

Being single, for a long, long time now. Kind of leaves a lot of alone time in the bedroom department. Now, while I enjoy sleeping in the centre of the bed, there are the rare occasions where it does get a little lonely. And I think that this teddy would not only fill my bed but also give me the best cuddles ever.

Yup it’s decided, I’m getting one. Who wouldn’t want a giant teddy anyway. Am I too old to be admitting this? Well, I suppose there’s no turning back now. I LOVE GIANT TEDDY BEARS!

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