Really, We’re Still Talking About This Dress?! Here’s Something That Should Be “Breaking” The Internet Instead…

Black and Blue dress

Today was the day that the whole world was talking about one topic. Was it about global warming? Nope. Was it Kim Kardashian’s naked ass again? Nope! Was it about any political or sociological debate? Wrong again! It was due to the above photo of a blue and black dress. Yes, you read it right. A flippin’ dress broke the internet. One singular garment has rendered all of human society useless. All because no one can agree on what colour it is exactly.

The debate started at my work at around 10 this morning and has been the only topic of discussion ever since. Even my Facebook news feed was bombarded with the same image over and over again.

Here’s the thing guys. I understand that one person might see white and gold while others see blue and black. But is it so serious of a quandary that there needs to be a full blown debate to the point of getting super heated about it? Who cares for god sake! I am really starting to lose faith with society right about now. We are talking about a dress! And it’s not even a nice one! In fact I will even say that it’s ugly. Sorry to the brand but it’s my opinion.

Can we please stop talking about this ridiculousness now? I am begging you! I am getting on my knees and pleading! My brain can’t take one more second of looking at it any more. I can hear my tiny brain cells popping one after another and I am actual starting to wish that all of them would just turn to mush. Just so I wouldn’t have to think about it ever again. Guys, I am willing to let my brain go into a vegetative state in the pursuit of silencing what this dress has done to my cerebrum. That’s how much I detest this topic.

However, I do have a suggestion. How about we stop talking about the perplexing colour conspiracy of this shitty garment, and instead focus on a better society! Because as far as I can see, we are so severely screwed that it’s unfortunately only getting worse. In all honesty, why can’t we start discussing about how we can start making life better for others?  Or helping out a fellow human in need.

Amongst all this dress talk, I stumbled upon a video that one of my friends posted on their timeline. This video was a social experiment, produced by OckTV to see what people would do in a certain situation. Basically to see if they would do the right thing. It involved getting a young boy who pretended to be homeless wearing nothing but a ripped T-shirt, tattered pants, no shoes, while holding a sign that said please help and a trash bag that was laying on the ground next to him. On top of all of that, it took place on the freezing streets of New York. Hidden cameras were placed everywhere to show the outcome of how society would react when presented with a homeless child freezing on the pavement. And boy did it show a lot!

This one video showed that not one person stopped to help this kid. He was standing out there for over 2 hours and not one person had the decency to give up a coat for him. Oh but they stared. They glanced over at him discreetly. They might have paused for a millisecond.  But none of them wanted to help him. At one stage he got into the trash bag that was beside him and laid down on the freezing side walk, huddling in the bag, trying to wrap it around himself. And still not one soul had a heart.

As I watched, my own heart broke in two. It broke for the thousands who are homeless. It broke for the part of society that people overlook. I’m not just talking about the homeless only. I am talking about all the people less fortunate. The ones who are being abused, who are being taken, the ones who are starving, who are at war, child soldiers, AIDs, racism, and the list could go on and on.

Do you know what happened after 2 hours? It was the most humblest of things. Just across the way, was a man that was watching the boy for the entire time. He was sitting upright against a wall. After watching him throughout this ‘social experiment’ (he obviously didn’t know he was being filmed) he suddenly got up and went over to the boy. He started to console the freezing child. Eventually saying that everything will be fine. He asked where the boys parents were. Where upon the boy replied ‘I’m homeless’. The man then placed his hand on the boys shoulder and said that he knew what he was going through because….wait for it. He was homeless himself. And then do you know what happened? The cold, starving, homeless man unzipped his own coat and gave it to the boy. He gave his own coat, something that has helped him survive on the streets of New York throughout the harshest of winters to help the boy. If this doesn’t hit home, then I don’t know what will.

Does it really take another homeless man to feel empathy for another human being? Are we that forgone as a society nowadays? It was only just yesterday that I had a little hope left in me. Hope for those wonderfully mushy stories of people helping others. But today my hope is fading fast. My heart hurts. It hurts too much. And as I watched this video in my office, tears oozed out of my eyeballs. I had to leave my desk, not being able to finish the video and dry my eyes. I suppose I should point out that I don’t cry in public. I have not shed one tear in an office place or any other place for that matter. I guess you could say I’m as tough as nails on the outside. But this got to me in a deep way.

What are we going to do? Where will we as a society be in the future? To me, I see us fading into a world of very little hope. And it’s scary. I see less and less stories of people helping or protecting others. Why is that? And why can’t these stories take precedence over stories that ask what colour a dress is? I mean when it comes down to it, don’t you find that odd? In fact don’t you find that down right appalling?

Can we please start paying it forward! I’m not asking for you to move the world. I am simply asking for one tiny gesture. If all of us did tiny things throughout the day we will graduate to bigger gestures. And soon it will be apart of our society. An involuntary reaction that has been embed inside of ourselves down to our very core. Let’s do it for the simple fact of instilling it in our youth from an early age. To always help others.

We have become too consumed with celebrities, trashy TV, everyday nonsense, gossiping, materialistic bullshit and talking bad about others to make ourselves feel better about our own lives. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you have a roof over your heads, food in your stomachs, money to buy each other crappy gifts, and shiny cars to grab the envy of others. I mean we have become so superficial. Something has got to give or we as a whole are not going to survive. We will implode. Do you ever sit there and think what we would leave behind if we just stop existing. What would the next civilization find amongst our rumble? Probably nothing positive. Instead they would see war, famine, disease, jealousy, rage, envy, and governments who forgot about their own people. It’s sad isn’t it? It’s such a sad, sad, situation to be in.

Please pass the message along. Let’s start somewhere. There’s been enough talk for today…

Here is the video…


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