Motivation of The Day – Write Something Every Day

Write Something Every day

For me this is a pretty tough one, seeing as how I have a pretty full plate at the moment. But I do try and write one post a day. If I just have no time whatsoever then I write a tiny blurb in my journal.Yes, I still have a journal. In all honesty, I think it’s the one thing that is keeping me sane. I think it’s super important to get your feelings out in some form or another. I’m not much of a talker. In fact, I have a very select few who I talk to about everything. Actually, it’s just one person! haha! So when that one person is not available to have a proper chinwag with, I write it down. All my thoughts. Even the really shitty ones. The shittier the better I say. That way those thoughts are out of your mind and thrown in a book that can remain closed. Get those pesky negative bad joo joos out.

Like the image says above, some of what you write might suck. Some of mine suck real bad. But I force myself to stop thinking about how to write it properly and instead just write. In fact I pretty much write about anything that pops into my head. Hence, some of my odd posts such as this random gem. The reason why I write every day is because, as the experts say, practice makes perfect. Or maybe just a little bit closer to perfection than you were previously. Hello, there’s no such thing as being perfect. So don’t strive for that. Just strive to find out who your inner writing goddess is.  Therefore the more practice you do, the more you will hone in on your craft. You will figure out what style you prefer to write in. Maybe you prefer being funny, sarcastic, serious, educational or all of the above.

Every time you complete a post you will feel a little more at easy with such an intimate and transparent craft. After all, I feel as if writing is like music. Words set the tone just like music does. They create life. They make you feel life. They can sing an ode to tragedy or giggle out a comedy. And that power is left up to you. You decide where you want your readers to go. Now, if your skills aren’t sharp, then it will show through your words. Which is why writing a little bit every day helps keep you motivated and helps improve your way with words. I learn knew things all the time and I love it.

So pick up a pen (or maybe I should say laptop or something?) and start writing. Not only does it help you express yourself better, it will open up a new world full of wondrous imagination. You can write down the feeling you get after putting toasty socks on for all I care. Just write something. And if you’re really stuck then you can always invest in a book to help you with ideas. Check out, ‘642 Things to Write About’ by San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.
It gives you literally 642 things to write about! I bought it for a Christmas present to myself. Awww, I know, I sure do spoil myself rotten. It’s like a great exercise tool for writing. And some topics even get your creative juices flowing.

There you have it… Now you have no excuses.



7 thoughts on “Motivation of The Day – Write Something Every Day

    • Yeah you should! I should have also added that they did another book and it has 712 things to write about! I’m assuming it’s different topics but I’m not totally sure. But definitely check both out!

    • I’ve been writing daily for the last few weeks during what’s been a stressful time and it’s so therapeutic. I don’t put it all on my blog, but even just ten minutes of writing how I feel makes so much difference! Love the idea of the 642 things book!

      • It definitely makes a difference! For me if I don’t write for a while I start feeling agitated. Like there are too many things bottled inside. So I totally agree with you when you say writing is therapeutic! Oh and definitely check out the book.

  1. I so agree with you.
    Writing is very important and I think every one should have a diary to write down feelings. I have one myself and when I’m frustrated or just have something to get out it helps to write. It is like you say, you’r thoughts remains in a book that can be closed.

    I think writing a blog is a great way of getting out you’r thoughts and improving you’r writing skills. Sometimes I think it’s really hard to write a blog in English, but that makes me wanna do it even more, improving my english vocabulary and also get more creative.

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it.


    • I couldn’t agree more with you! And by the way your English is phenomenal! If you didn’t mention it I would have never known! Thank you so much for your comment! Xx

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