Photo Diary – A Day In Paris

Fun Fact, I got the chance to go to Paris for the day and it was magical. I have been there before but I was a lot younger. So I couldn’t really remember too many details of that trip. Plus it was in the days of film and I have no clue where those negatives are. My photo taking skills were quite shocking back then so the photos wouldn’t really have helped me jog my memory anyway.

This time I was ready! I had my camera charged and my new iPhone in my hand. Plus I had a portable charger just in case I turned into a photo taking freak of nature. The funny thing is, that I took all these photos that you are about to see with my iPhone. I guess it was because it was so convenient for me.

A day in Paris is nothing. There is literally no time to do anything. So you have to go in there with a plan of attack. I was with a group so that posed major challenges. My only mission on this trip was to go see the Pyramids at the Louvre. That was it. Therefore I did not shut up about it until everyone gave in.

Getting around in Paris was super easy. Don’t forget to download an offline map app for your phone by the way. One that has the subways on it as well. I cannot tell you what a lifesaver that was. We used the subway to get around and without that handy app, all the others that I was with would have been scratching their heads like big ol’ baboons!


The one negative thing I will say about Paris’ subway system is that its trains are evil. You literally have to pray that you get on in time or the doors will smack you so hard that you feel like you are being clobbered by 2 big bouncers. This happened to me by the way, on my leg. I hobbled along for a little while after that. The doors even open before the train comes to a completely halt! And, they only stay open for less than 10 seconds. How on earth do you get people on and off in that amount of time. I felt truly flustered in there. I suppose its system is a bit like the French personality. Brutally honest and blunt. It’s quite fitting in that case.

But over all, it was a magical day. We managed to do a boat tour along the river Seine, then we went for a scrumptious lunch and after we walked to Notre Dame and the Louvre.

I would recommend Paris in a heart beat to anyone! It truly is the most breathtaking city. All the architecture is that of yesteryear. There are no out of place modern façades. It felt as though you would at any moment run into Marie Antoinette perusing the streets of Paris. You know, before things got a little awkward for her.  This city transports you to a time where everything seemed a little more romantic, like a dashing knight in shining armour kind of a city. I mean what more could a girl ask for. I was simply in heaven.


11 thoughts on “Photo Diary – A Day In Paris

  1. You are pretty lucky that you can be in Paris under 3 hours from London 🙂 I definitely want to visit, I just always read about how expensive it is, so maybe a shorter trip to begin with of a few days.

  2. Wow !!
    I’m loving your photographs here! a day at Paris must an unforgettable one!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 !!!
    I hope I will visit Paris one day ❤
    Much love :*

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