The Love of Solitude…


Can I just say that after so many years of being in ridiculous relationships, floating around in an odd bubble, I have loved the last two year stint of absolute aloneness. It’s been great. No honestly! I found out what I want, who I am and where I want to go. It’s actually quite a liberating experience. And I highly recommend it! That’s why the above quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually wanted to write to Ms. Warsan Shire and say “You are awesome girl! You totally fucking get me!” It does feel good. I have somehow magically repaired myself through this solitude. I feel whole again. I feel like me again. Like the silly idiot who always wants to burst out laughing and loves life. And I will not be bamboozled into having some randomer come in to my life and destroy what I have built. I will only allow someone come into my world who makes me even better than I am. Someone who can aid, nurture, and  add to my silliness. Anything less would be a mockery. It would be a down right stupid choice to make. And I am sure as hell, over stupid choices.

So here’s to embracing your inner loner-self and actually loving it.


6 thoughts on “The Love of Solitude…

  1. Love it! Exactly how I feel right now too. I have high respect for myself and I seriosuly don’t wanna go downhill ever again! Great post 😀 That Quote is Heavenly ❤

  2. I came out of an amazingly horrific relationship about a 18 mth ago. It bled me of my identity, confidence, and inspiration. It defined love solely as painful and horrific. I spent time getting to know me again through self discovery and analysis. I now feel at peace with who I am. I now have the clarity and confidence to follow my own meaning. I’ve been in my current relationship for 6 months now and it continually enlightens and grows me. My partner is my best friend and I continue to grow and develop. That time out was the best therapy I could have had. In hindsight, my disastrous relationship was a blessing in disguise. It taught me what I didn’t want and taught me who I really was. Thank you ass hole! 🙂

    • I think a post entitled ‘Thank you Asshole’ would be amazing!

      So sorry to hear that you went through all that pain and I completely understand where you’re coming from in that respect. I too went through my own kind of hell. But like you’ve said, in hindsight, that idiot has made me realise a few things. But boy has it taken me an eternity to bounce back from it. Only through solitude did I see all those things and start to heal. Jeez, life is certainly an amazing, chaotic force to be reckoned with!

      • That is a fab idea for a post…haha

        I am sorry that you, also, fell for a wrong un. We don’t realise till afterwards how the relationships mold us. However, I personally feel that I needed that kick up the ass to allow me to lift the rose tinted glasses and see reality. Now I have the glasses propped on my head, I still use them to view the world, but I can prop them on my curly bamf and keep it real also 🙂

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