Quote of the Day – Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin


This Quote couldn’t be more poignant for me. I struggle with feeling comfortable in my own skin every day. When I truly think about all my physical flaws, it puts a downer on me mentally. So, I stopped thinking negatively. Yes, there are days where those pesky negative bastards creep into my brain. But I try very hard to push those bastards out. Because once you let them in, it’s a downward spiral of misery from there on out. At that moment, everything in your life will look awful. You will pick out more flaws.

The best bet for me is knowing that it is a daily work in progress mentality. I have stopped looking in the mirror and hating what is looking back at me. I have actually just stopped looking in the mirror. I literally take 2 seconds to make sure there is nothing odd on my face or in my teeth and then I look away. I try and find the positives with my appearance. Like focusing on my nice smile. I don’t scan my face and say, oh shit, when I smile my cheeks look like fat round dumplings.

Feeling 100% comfortable in my own skin is hard. But I do know that it is an achievable goal to accomplish. It will just take time.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

  1. Love this! I have my good and bad days too. You are absolutely right, we gotta focus on the positive things. ❤ Thank you for this beautiful article 🙂

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