Fall In Mutual Weirdness And Call It Love…

Dr. Seuss Quote

Let’s start our week of Love off right. And what better way to start, than to talk about weirdness. Yeah you read right! I’ll have you know that Dr. Seuss was spot on with the above quote.

Weirdness takes a major precedence when finding your preferred mate o’ love. Why? Well behind closed doors is where we unleash our weirdness. Where we can be our true selves. So we need to find someone who we can be weird together.

Sure you can unleash it with your super close friends. But with a potential partner on a first date, you act like a relative from the royal family. All reserved with a stiff upper lip. Maybe loosening up slightly, once having some alcohol. After all, you don’t want to scare away your potential suitor. So you mellow your weirdness, saving it for your close friends or for yourself. Under no circumstances do you ever dare to let it loose. Those are kept hidden until after the first date.

Me personally, I like to throw out some breadcrumbs here and there of my weirdness. Very subtle ones. If he laughs then I know there’s something that could grow potentially. That’s after sex has been approved as well. Sorry, but there’s only so much character that will get you by. Sex is important in my books. To others, maybe not so much.

The great thing is that we are all different. If we were all the same, with identical characters, holy sugar balls would that be a boring life. We would be like drones or robots. Marching to the same beat. Blah! Sounds horrible doesn’t it? It’s the quirkiness in our characters that makes you, you!

Sometimes I thinks it’s best to let it all out in the beginning of a relationship. I have realised from past experiences that I am quite reserved in the beginning. Sure, I make odd jokes here and there. But I coat check my weirdness at the door. And by doing this, I have lost precious time in the dating world. Because it unfortunately resulted in the other person looking at me weird. They wouldn’t get me. That’s why I now think it’s best to just let it all hang out there. Be loud and proud so to speak.

My weirdness consists of random things. Sometimes I blurt out weird noises. I like to talk to myself. I sing a song after someone says a word that’s in a verse. I do an odd shuffle dance when I’m in a happy mood. And I…sometimes talk in a baby voice. It’s something that I cannot get rid of. Believe me I have tried. One time a boyfriend told me to stop doing it all together. So I attempted to. But it was impossible to quit. And then I thought well shit, this is me. Why should I change who I am to make someone else happy? No, I would rather be single for the rest of my life. Sure you should always compromise in certain situations. But you should not under any circumstances, compromise who you are as a human being.

Once you let your guard down to let someone in, you are allowing them into your weird and wonderful world. Don’t be scared of it. Let it happen. If they don’t respond well to your weirdness then they are not the right person for you. Move on and do it again. Love is a wondrous thing. It creates feelings deep down inside of you that could never be duplicated through superficial means. And when you do find the person that accepts you for you that’s when you will be richer than the richest CEO’s of the world, combined.

So go forth and be weird. Shout your weirdness from the rooftops. One day someone will be shouting right along side you. Your weird partner. The one who will add to your weirdness for the better.

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