My Anti-Bucket List

Anti-Bucket List

Since everyone is doing a bucket list, I decided to do an Anti-Bucket list. Things that I probably won’t ever get around to doing or even want to do. So here it goes.

  • Go Skiing – 

It just doesn’t interest me. Now snowboarding on the other hand, that’s something I could get on board with.

  • Bikram Yoga –

No, it doesn’t interest me going somewhere to sweat in 100 degrees. I sweat enough as it is
being a chubba chub. So no, if it doesn’t involve sex, I’m not sweating!

  • Climbing Mount Everest – 

Let’s be honest, only insane people do this shit. Give me a good book and a rainy day. Now
that’s an achievement.

  • Bungee Jumping – 

No thanks! The funny thing is, I would totally do sky diving. Is that weird?

  • Learning Latin – 

This is the only Latin phrase that I know and it stops there. Don’t get me wrong, I would live in
Italy if I could. But Latin? Nah.

  • Moving to North Korea – 

Even if you told me that I was going to win a £1,000,000 I would still say no.

  • Gym Before Work – 

Yeah it’s just not happening.

  • Learning to make jelly/jam preserves and serve them in pretty jars.

As much as this sounds like a nice idea, it’s just not going to happen.

  • Using a slow cooker.

I just don’t have the patience.

  • Learn to love raw tomatoes 

I can eat any other forms of tomatoes. Pasta sauce, yum! Salsa, yum! But raw tomatoes make me
want to vomit. I am convinced it’s because of its texture.

  • Own a bird.

As pretty as they are, they aren’t a dog. End of discussion.

  • Get a sphynx cat

If you think this is an adorable cat, then you need to see a therapist. It’s out of the
Omen or something. Nightmare alert!

  • Tattooing my face.

I love tattoos. In fact I have four. And as much as I love the look of this guy, I could never
put ink on my face.

  • Writing Haikus

I just do get the point of it all.

  • Playing with a cobra – 

Umm… her parents should be in prison first of all. She’s looking at it like it’s a stuffed
animal. Definitely, NO THANKS!


I have so many more anti-bucket things but I will save it for a later date.


What would you guys put on your anti-bucket list?



5 thoughts on “My Anti-Bucket List

  1. For me it would be a few places that I wouldn’t consider visiting like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea too, and similar places…I don’t think I would bungee jump either, but I would probably jump out of a plane though.

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