Quote of The Day – On Men by Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I have been saying this for years! Turns out, Marilyn Monroe has been saying it since way before I was even born.

Women don’t want much out of a partner. I’m talking about normal, down to earth, beyond the surface type of women. The high maintenance ones need not apply. Ya’ll got too many superfluous needs that I ain’t got time for.

Women need someone who can make us laugh, who can talk a good meaningful conversation with us, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Who also knows how to get shit done and take charge when the situation calls for it. But most importantly we need someone who can be loyal, trustworthy and  can keep their dick in their pants when we are not around. That’s it. Surely, that’s not too much to ask for?

Most of us think that this is unattainable nowadays. That’s why we search for a man to prove us wrong. All it takes is one. But up until now, I have yet to find him. And I’m starting to think that I am in a losing battle. Time will only tell. But it sure is slim pickings out there.


6 thoughts on “Quote of The Day – On Men by Marilyn Monroe

  1. Stop searching, be you and believe there is that one for you.
    He will find you.
    Searching one among all is not an easy task because all but one are rejects, just saying..

    • Thanks!

      And believe me I have stopped searching. I am officially on a hiatus right now! haha! I am happier concentrating on me and making sure I am happy. Which is a first for me. So all things in due time I suppose. 🙂

  2. Shame that that is a fake quote. She never actually said that along with the many other quotes assigned to her on the internet. Do some research to see what she really said.

    • Thank you Monica for your comment and feedback. Maybe you can supply me with any links to the origins of the quote? In regards to Marilyn Monroe I’ve read several books on her, which were about her life and how she died; not on the quotes that she might or might not have said. Either way I appreciate you letting me know.

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