Short Girl Problems…

Short girls

I am a lady of the shorter persuasion. I would like to say I am close to 5″4′ which I happen to tell people, but in reality I’m actually 5″3′. Fun times for me right? On many occasions I think, why couldn’t I have just been 5″7′. It would have solved a whole lot of problems.


  • Not being able to reach shelves
  • Capri’s are actually the right length
  • Heels make me reach a normal height
  • When I’m in a crowd, I’m the ant amongst giants
  • When I’m on a train, peoples armpits are in my face.
  • My feet are actually a size 6(UK) which makes me feel like I got robbed. Shouldn’t I have had at least a size 4 shoe? Clown feet walking here!
  • I’m chubby, so I look like an Oompa Loompa
  • I don’t go near maxi dresses in fear that all the extra fabric will suffocate me
  • When I have to walk next to tall people, I am actually jogging to keep up.
  • I get angry when tall people take steps 2 at a time.
  • Always adjusting the gym equipment height
  • Pulling the car seat to it’s maximum shortness.
  • Jumping up to reach something, which makes me look like a dog begging for a treat
  • Improvising like MacGyver to figure out how to get things off of high places when jumping doesn’t work.
  • Getting angry when the top that I want is hanging on the highest clothes rack in a store
  • Getting a hanger off another rack to be able to shuffle the top that I do want off the highest clothes rack.

I mean the list can go on and on. Every day feels like an obstacle course. It’s actually started to annoy me greatly and I decided for my mental health to think of this every time I encounter a short moment…

short girls


I also say this to people who say… “awww you’re so cute” to me. They can go poop on their hand for all I care. Let the short girls unite!



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