The World Has Just Remembered Missy Elliott Again…And Why I Have Never Left Her Side.

Missy Elliott Super Bowl 2015

Another year has past, along with another Super Bowl. To America the Super Bowl is like religion while to the rest of the world it’s a time to watch a musical extravaganza of colossal talent. This year saw Katy Perry at the half time with appearances by Lenny Kravitz and the one and only Missy Elliott. The performance was all right but my excitement was focused solely on seeing Missy Elliott again. What I didn’t expect, was the world’s reaction to her.

I have loved Missy Elliott since the day I heard her song ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly). I still remember the video as if I just saw it 5 minutes ago, but in reality I haven’t seen it in aeons. She brought freshness, flyness and awesomeness to a whole other level. I immediately went out, bought her album, came home, pressed play and sat there listening to song after song. ‘Sock It To Me’ hit me in my gut and cemented my love for her music. I would go on to then buy all her singles, all her albums, every collaboration she ever did (who can forget ‘Ladies Night’!) and watch every performance/ music video she has ever done. Is this sounding a little stalker-ish? I don’t mean for it to. It was a healthy obsession. Honest! Throughout the years Missy Elliott has stepped out of the spot light due to health reasons. People started talking less and less about her. Until it dwindled down to tiny whispers. People started to forget Missy Elliott and it seemed like I was the only person getting all ‘Teary eyed’ over a performer who I thought had such innovation, who constantly pushed the boundaries and where every rap verse was accompanied by the sickest of beats ever heard.

And then the Super Bowl happened and suddenly people became a little nostalgic. They started to remember as if awakening from a 10 year slumber. Her song catalogue stream sky-rocketed on Spotify by 676% according to Time Magazine Online. Which got me thinking…why are people not standing by artists for the long haul any more? We used to wait with baited breathe, back in the day, for a new song or album to hit the stands. We would wait and we would be devoted fans. Now it takes literally 2 months for a song to be heard, overplayed and then cast aside for newer generic commercial nonsense. Artists used to wait 2 years before releasing new material and the fans waited.

I decided to type in Missy Elliott Super Bowl into Google, and do you know what articles where coming up? USA Today wrote one about people not really knowing who the hell Missy Elliott was. Say what now?!
Did you see the idiot who said …”but I feel like she’s just trying to be the next Nicki Minaj”?!!! Child, we need to educate you. I’m assuming she’s a Justin Bieber fan. Hang on while I go puke.

The Telegraph wrote one about ‘How Katy Perry helped get Missy Elliott’s Freak On’. Ummm…. excuse me? Then there were articles stating why she was the best part of the half time performance as seen on Buzzfeed and Gawker. Those ones I obviously liked.

Let’s get one thing clear people. Missy Elliott has been in the game for 20 years. She invented beats, spat them out, threw them in your face, hitting you in your soul and made people delirious even forgetting their own names because her songs where that good and still are that good! ‘Hot Boyz’ alone brings back a lot of great memories for me. Some of a few real life hot boyz and some of great nights out with friends, where I would, ahem, request this song to be played at our local bar in Limassol, Cyprus.

Missy Elliott tweeted:

Like I said, people have forgotten and its sad. The new kids who follow the rap game now only follow the current hip hoppers. But what about showing homage to people that have changed the game and reformed it? If you are fans of an artist, show your support and be loyal. I have waited years for new Missy Elliott material. If I have to wait 20 more years I will. I will stick by her no matter what. That’s what real admirers do for great beats. We stick it out and wait, all the while listening to old material breaking our necks (Busta Rhymes style) ferociously out of respect. I get into a jerky shoulder bouncing epileptic fit as I break my neck (White girl style) to ‘Work It’. I’m secure enough in myself to admit that.

Times sure have changed, I do know that much. The music industry has changed. People aren’t making music from the depths of their souls any more. And some artists show a disinterest in the process of making music. It’s like the labour of love has vanished. I feel like it’s mostly commercial and quite drab. And the listeners are switching artists so fast off their iPods they never build a relationship between the music and themselves.

Missy, can I just say. You keep doing you. There are some of us out here who have never forgotten you. Who have never left your side. Who waited for hours to see you perform live…

missy croped

Missy Elliott at the Works Club in Kingston, London. 2006, My own photo.

True fans know that you are still flaming hot in your licks and slick beats. I guess the world just needed a reminder…


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