Review: 24hr SuperStay Lip Colour by Maybelline


I may be late off the train with this lipstick but that’s because I have been living under a rock for the last two years in the make-up department. What once was a stellar index in everything beauty has now been whittled away into nothing. That’s what happens when 1. you are broke and 2. you let yourself go (see number 1). I’ll stop right there because this is not about me going down memory lane, sobbing with tissues in hand. No, this is about beauty, make-up and in particular, Maybelline’s Super Stay 24hr lip colour.

Ah, lipstick. I don’t know about you guys but I love me a good red lip colour. It makes me feel like Jane Russell or Dita Von Tease. As if glamour was oozing off me, old Hollywood style.  So naturally with any lip colour you want to know that it will last a while. And I think I have found the longest lasting lipstick known to man that will probably make me happy for the rest of my days. I mean it’s so good that if I died I would request in my will that a Mortician place it on my lips before they closed the coffin. Hell I’m pretty sure that if I then requested in said will, to be exhumed after 20 years, you would probably only find my skull and a red outline on top of decaying teeth. That’s how long this bad boy would last for!

Normally I do not believe the hype with all these long-wear make-up jargon, lasting so long that it out-does earth’s rotational spin. Reason being, that I kept on buying these magical long lasting lipsticks and none of them stood the test of time. One felt like a cast while the other was sticky like super glue just before drying. Another had to be reapplied while another created patches. I mean I could go on and on. I lost hope and gave up the search. Then one day I stopped in Superdrug for my daily dose of nail polish. As I headed towards the Barry M section my peripheral vision clocked the shiny Maybelline section. I slowed to a halt as I saw 24hrs in a big flashy sign. Sceptical didn’t quite cover it at that moment. But I examined the colours and was drawn to the red shade. So I said ‘Fuck it’. I will test out one more long lasting bullshit thing that the beauty market has put forward.

Before I tell you about my experience can I just say that I have virtually stopped putting on lipstick on my nights out. I end up going with a wing tipped eyelid or a smokey eye. The reason why my love of lipstick has dwindled throughout the years is because I was tired of constantly reapplying it every hour on the hour. What’s a girl to do when she catches her reflection in a passing mirror and sees red when her lipstick is either smeared, on her teeth, or faded away? She gives up that’s what she does. You end up looking like a girl who’s either just given someone a blowjob or has eaten half her lip off her face. Equally, I’m too tired to go to the bathroom every time to reapply. Or worse having to put on more in front of others. Call me old fashioned but I don’t find that lady-like for some reason. You always want to look appealing and presentable, leaving the mystical notion that you are a lady who doesn’t reapply. You know, to be put together at all times. I, however, have never achieved that on any of my nights out. By the end of it, I come out looking like I’ve been in a washing machine. Sweaty, droopy and dripping. How unladylike is that! So the night I decided to try the 24hr Super Stay lipstick by Maybelline I was expecting the same result.

On one end of the stick is the actual lip colour while on the other is the silky gloss that makes your lips glisten like diamonds.

I looked at it with trepidation. I applied it around 6 in the evening. When you first put the colour part on, you notice a smooth application. Within seconds you can feel it adhering to your lips as if it were bracing itself for a wild night. It was slightly sticky so I didn’t touch my lips together, waiting until it was completely dry. I then placed the gloss on top of it and it was like a marriage meant to be. After a minute of waiting, my first test was the wine glass test. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. Who else gets deflated after taking one sip, pulling the glass away from your mouth and your eyes become cross as you see half your lipstick on the rim of the glass? It’s disheartening at the best of times. So I chugged that wine glass as if it was my last alcoholic beverage of the evening. And guess what? Not one trace of red shaded colour escaped my lips to hitch a ride on that rim. I only saw a hint of clear gloss upon further inspection.

Three hours later and many drinks flowing through me, nature started to call. So I trekked on over the the bathroom. As I approached the mirror I was expecting to see the girl from the ring but got startled when I saw me. Lipstick still as red as ever! Happiness overwhelmed me at that moment. Sheer joy pumped through my veins as I tinkled with pride. Too much info?

By the end of the night, I was annihilated but my lipstick remained. As I arrived home I took one look in the mirror and saw three of me smiling back, all of them wearing the one and only coat of lipstick that was applied many hours before. That night I passed out with my make-up on. Don’t judge. And do you know what I woke up to the next day? Puffy eyes, yes, head pounding, yes, but my bright red lips had remained. My eyebrows where another story, looking like Picasso threw up on my forehead but my lips, were  pristine, like a Da Vinci.

All in all, I can say with confidence that this lipstick had passed all the tests of an evening filled with alcoholic mayhem. Food included.

One criticism I do have is that Maybelline needs to create better shades and more selection. Other than that, I see no other faults.

*Side note:  Don’t forget to have an oil based make-up remover on hand when you are ready to take this bad boy off. Otherwise you will be scrubbing your lips until the sun comes up and while your arm muscle may have had an amazing workout, you will be left with raw lips and wishing to be shot in the face.

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