Motivation of The Day…

Begin Anywhere

You know, I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. If there was a competition of who was the biggest procrastinator, I would surely win, hands down. I always put things off because in my mind I think I have plenty of time to accomplish what I need to, later on. This however, is not the case. And as the months go by (more like years) you suddenly realise, dang, I never did get around to writing that poem, or starting that book, or taking that class, or learning that language and so on.

These two words, surrounded by bright yellow, that I chose for today’s motivation is simple, yet spot on. To begin anywhere. Even if you’re unsure of the first words in your book, or a subject for your photo, or the kind of paint to use on your canvas, just start. Don’t nitpick every detail and most importantly, don’t keep putting it off.

This month, I really took these words to heart. Maybe because it was the start of a new year or maybe it was because I was tired of always being stagnant. Never reaching for my goals because I was too scared that people would hate my ideas, words and/or character. But for some reason, even despite all my reservations, I began. One tiny step at a time. One day at a time. And I can honestly say, I feel amazing for it. My thoughts are clearer, my motivation is stronger and my goals now seem less of a distance.

Each day I make an effort to begin something. Whether it be a new blog post, or learning a new Spanish word or even finding the perfect course to take in the near future. I do all this, knowing that my tiny efforts will one day amount to one colossal merit.

So guys… What are you waiting for?!





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