My Surprisingly Simple Christmas…


Here’s the thing. I live in a country (England) where I have virtually no family. Half live in Cyprus while the other half live in America. So what is a girl to do around the holiday season when she has no family to go to? Well, I’ll tell you…

I’m sure you’re wondering why I just didn’t pack a bag and fly to see some family. Well, there are two main reasons why. One is, that I used all my vacation days at work. And two, is that it is so expensive to fly to Cyprus to see my parents especially at Christmas. My salary sucks balls by the way. I did however see them in November so it’s not so bad.

My Christmas was quite simple. I woke up, opened two presents that my flatmate got me, ate breakfast and then sat on the couch. Like the fatty that I am. Now, I don’t want any sympathy from you guys because I’m going to tell you a secret. I fucking loved it! Yes, you read that right! I LOVED IT!

Can I just say that all holidays a part from Halloween, get me stressed out. The drama of family, and here is where I should say that my family should have it’s own soap opera, is sometimes too much to bear. Do you know how amazing it is to not do anything at the holidays? To not spend an obscene amount of money of gifts, on new outfits, on pretending to love all your relatives and wait for it… to actually not have to lie to your parents that you loved the scarf and gloves set that they gave you. They give me that every year. No joke. Last year they were white gloves with a red frilly trim and gold bells on them! GOLD BELLS! I could have been one of Santa’s helpers for god sake. Not to mention the fact that I was 30 years old when I received them.

So this year all that stress was lifted. Obviously in the beginning I was quite sad. Thinking that I would be such a lonely loser on Christmas day. But now that it has come and gone, I feel content.

Food is a big love of mine and this had to be perfect on this day. I decided to make the biggest Yorkshire pudding known to man and pretended it was a bowl by cramming everything (chicken, potatoes, cauliflower cheese) inside. And of course finished it off with the drizzling of gravy, you know, the size of what could fill the Hoover dam. I tell you it was a feast fit for a king. Take a look…

Christmas Dinner

Isn’t that the biggest Yorkshire pudding you’ve ever seen?! It was deeeelish! The recipe for it was taken from here.

Obviously no dinner is complete without some dessert. Here’s the thing though. I had my heart set on making pumpkin pie. I’ve never done it before and I drool every time I reminisce on a very distant memory of it. Come to think of it, the last time I probably had a slice of pumpkin pie was about 12 years ago. They don’t do it here in England can you believe that! So I went to a Whole Foods and found pumpkin in a can, you know from that Libby lady. Anyway, I got most of the ingredients but flaked out at the very end. My final thought was that I wanted to take my time making that pie. As if I was making love in the kitchen. And when you are doing something for the first time, things are bound to be slow. I didn’t want to make a big ol’ roast and a pie all in one day. I don’t know how some of these super Moms do it! Props to them that’s for sure. So I opted for these amazing white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry cookies. Again it was a first, but cookies are pretty straight forward.


Not too bad right? The recipe was super easy and it’s from a blog that I follow on bloglovin. I absolutely adore the creations on that site. It’s all about baking! You can get the recipe from here.

So as you can see I was a very happy bunny today. Festive fat food, pj’s galore and White Christmas playing on the TV in the background. Who doesn’t love Bing Crosby on Christmas. Or any other day for that matter!

Lastly I decided to buy some treats for myself. Something to say, well done you, for being you and lasting another year alone and not killing yourself! You should always congratulate yourself from time to time. It’s a great pick me up. I congratulate myself for getting up in the mornings… things like that.

What things did I decide to buy for myself? Well…


As you can see from the photo above, I decided to get an Olloclip, which is a clip-on camera for my iPhone 6. It’s awesome! The cover photo of this post was taken with it using the 10x macro lens. And because I can’t contain myself, here’s a snippet of some of the photos I’ve taken already with it…

Awesome right?!! I swear it’s the best thing ever invented. Ok, I lie, the internet is the best thing ever invented, so this comes in at a close second. Of course there are those times when you go shopping for others and instead of getting something for them, you come out of the store getting shit for yourself.  On this occasion I was browsing in Urban Outfitters, trying to find a present for my flatmate, when I spotted two books. One was a ‘One Line a Day’ diary. Which lasts for five years. I know, let’s see if I keep that one up. And the other was ‘642 things to write about’. I thought I could practice writing stories? Both were impulse buys that I am determined to use.

All in all, it was a pretty calm, relaxing, no frills Christmas. And I fucking loved every second of it!

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!

Merry Christmas


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