Baby’s Got Back…

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So I was flipping through my Instagram the other day. Can I just tell you that I love Instagram! I truly can’t stress that enough. I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, am madly in love with Instagram.

I also think you should know that I happened to be one of those ladies who follows those Train To Amaze profiles. You know the ones that give you motivation with before and after photos of regular ladies who are killing it, working hard and wanting to better themselves. I also am an avid follower of those Get a Booty/squats profiles. My people who I follow list, if one would flip through it, would be of fitness transformations and photography. I think I only have one celebrity that I actually follow on Instagram and that would be Dwayne Johnson. I think he’s awesome, and hulky and even though I am not into such manly muscled men, he really makes me swoon. It’s funny because I think I have varying tastes when it comes to men. Ranging from a Jake Gyllenhaal type, to a Michael Ealy, to a Chris Evans, to a Joe Manganiello (MAN is in his name for goodness sake! Man who turns women to Jello should be his real last name), to an Idris Elba, to a Joseph Gordon Levitt, to a… I think you get the idea… I have no type.

Anyway, my point is most of the celebrities on social media are not that interesting. Some barely post things and when they do it’s mostly of them posing with shit that us mere mortals could never possess even if we worked 6 jobs. So I keep it to my obsession of photography, fit ladies that will hopefully get me more motivated to lose my fatty-ness and Dwayne Johnson. Seriously his Instagram feed is amazing, funny and his hashtags are gold. I told you, I like men who can make me really laugh…

At the moment I am obsessed with these transformation profiles. They are motivating, promote strength starting from within and telling the world that curves are in and bones are so passé. It is great to see that ladies are being portrayed for the sexy voluptuous ladies that they should be. It is finally happening. And I am relishing every minute of it.

As I flip through the feeds I see ladies ‘after’ photos and they are beaming with happiness. And the comments are encouraging too. Have you ever taken the time out to read the comments that people post? Some people can be really hurtful and judgemental. I guess sitting behind a computer screen gives them strength to say these hurtful things because we all know that if they were presented with the opportunity to say it to a person’s face, they would slowly slink backwards with their tail between their legs. But these transformation profiles are becoming a great community to follow. I look at these before and after photos and it truly does give me strength to keep going. To get fit and to stay the course. But what’s even better is people are starting to show strength, as in muscles and being toned and well defined. It is sexy. It’s sexier than just being really thin and starving yourself. Now I know that some women are naturally skinny even though they can eat everything under the sun. And I don’t get mad at those women. For every woman brings something beautiful to the table. All I’m saying is that it’s great to see people are promoting, now more than ever, the fitter physique. The one where a big booty is considered to be the desired outcome. The one where curves are the envy of people’s eye.

Can I just say that it’s a great feeling to know that more and more people are promoting healthy eating and exercise as opposed to the latest detox teas and juice fasts. I know it’s still out there and there will always be people who are looking for a quick solution. But the more they re-enforce the idea that a healthy looking physique is a dedicated lifestyle the more people will put more effort in to making a change. I can’t tell you how many crazy diets I decided to try. I even used to skip meals and when I did eat it would be a very tiny helping. Then when I would attempt to exercise I wouldn’t have enough strength to finish even 30 minutes worth of training. Doing these yo-yo diets cause havoc to your body. So why would you want to hurt yourself in such a way? Just because you can’t see the internal damage, it’s still damage nonetheless.

Having access to these feeds at the ready let’s you be reasured that you are not the only one struggling with the challenge of changing your lifestyle to a more healthier one. It helps you keep moving. You can even build an online support system that can do more good than you going at it alone. And we all know people do better when they can connect with the outside world to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

So I say let’s celebrate the healthier, fitter, toned physique. Let’s celebrate the ladies who got back. Let’s celebrate the shift in persepction of what society thinks beauty should be. We should all stop being so negative and start encouraging these wonderful people who post their before and after photos for all the world to see. I for one applaude your courage, your strength and your story. All hail to a new era. The era of the big bums, boobs, and sexy womanly curves. To the people of these transformation feeds on Instagram, I salute you. You have made this girl a very happy bunny.


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