The Curious Case of Jeremy Meeks

It’s funny that I still get surprised with today’s society. Even now at 30 years old I am expecting that I have seen enough not to get surprised. But the saying ‘ Expect the unexpected’ pops into my mind and I realise that I have yet to see it all and know it all. I mean there are people out there getting married to animals and the Eiffel Tower for christ sake so why should a mug shot of a man going viral surprise me?

Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot went viral a couple of days ago. It was posted on the Stockton (California) police department Facebook page, which is something that they do. So that wasn’t the surprise. The surprise turned out to be that the mug shot ended up being shared and commented on tens of thousands of times. You could feel the drool and opening up of women’s legs oozing off of Facebook. I’m not going to lie, some of the comments were hilarious. Even I reposted the mug shot on my Facebook profile saying that I too got distracted to a comatose state after staring into the criminal’s mesmerizing gaze. Seriously his eye colour is insane. But after the smoke and mirrors had started to fade I started to think about what just happened. A mug shot of a criminal who has been in and out of the system for years went viral because he was so alarmingly attractive. People didn’t care about his background, about his felonies or about his life. This is a prime example of how society has been for the last 12 (probably longer) years and its gotten consecutively worse after each year that has passed. It’s human nature at its rawest and unrefined form. To judge a book by only its cover. We are a society that see’s the surface, that looks for beauty only, that overlooks any kind of body or substance and the internet has brought these things even more to the forefront of our society.

The internet as it turns out can be a blessing and a curse. It has made a world that once seemed vast and unconquerable feel like the size of a globe that sits on your desk. It feels small and intimate at times. It has brought people together for the good and has destroyed people for the worst. People have never been so judgmental or maybe they have. Maybe it’s just that now they have a platform that is easily accessible for the whole world to see and once someone has a platform the air of importance can engulf them. It seems that people relish great looks, that they are quick to point out the flaws in those that might not appear to be perfect. Their words cut like a sword and sometimes the torment of those words can cause the intended victim such pain that it ends in tragedy.

The reason why I have brought this up is because Jeremy Meeks now has a choice because of the internet. People saw his face, rallied together and now a man has been given a voice, a platform and an opportunity all because of one photo. If used wisely he could use this platform to drastically change his life around. This is the power of the internet. To be able to give an unknown person the power to alter his life.

News reporters flocked to Meeks, journalist wrote about him and women turned him into an Adonis to be admired. Through this commotion Meek’s mother started a GoFund page to help raise money for his bail. And because the whole world now knows him maybe his chances will be different. Maybe he will post bail, maybe he will have a different sentencing in court, and maybe he will be approached by modelling scouts. All this could become reality for the smouldering mysterious eyed man. He now has a choice. He now might not readily want to slip through the cracks and be just another thug. He might grab this opportunity to better his son’s life and he might turn around and pay it forwards by helping others that have been dealt a similar criminal fate that he once had. All this could be possible because of the internet, and he might have a completely different life. But wouldn’t it be great for people around the world to be able to help put others on a platform to better themselves because they are smart, because they want to cure the problems of society, or because they have a heart of gold. Wouldn’t it be nice to look underneath the cover? To actually read the words. To know their meaning? The people of the internet could use their rallying skills for good. They could really change the course of things. But instead we see an attractive person and revere their looks. We have become so superficial and so desensitised that we choose, or purhaps prefer is a better word, not to see the children who are needing our help, the poverty that is really going on and the brokeness of a generation. No, we see a pretty photo and that spreads to all the corners of the world faster than that of a more meaningful story.

We as a society always want to root for the underdog. And there is no doubt about it that Meeks is an underdog. We like to see people change. Now that we know him, I’m sure we are going to want to see a happy ending. It may be a supperficial beginning that started the wheel in motion for Meeks but it is a beginning nonetheless. So wouldn’t it be a great story to read about a man who started off with a mugshot but ended with a vogue cover shot? It does have a certain ring to it, I must say.



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